King Crimson Film Out - Soon!

On release worldwide, from 19th Oct’22 -


Does not seem to be available to book yet, in the UK - despite what DGM says… :thinking:


Found it…!!

Proper Link - KC Film


Well… I went to see the KC film last night. Have to say it was not (IMO) that good.

If you are a BIG KC fan fine - you should watch it. Otherwise… its not essential.

What do others think… :thinking:

King Crimson Movie - Live Stream, tomorrow (22/10) night 8pm BST
$24.99 = £23.31 via
Includes 24 hour on demand replay.
Happy viewing🙂

It was only GB£15-65 at the cinema, for the premiere… :grin:

Sadly, not in a Cinema within reasonable distance of me🫤

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Mine was about 1 hours drive away, in Stratford - yes… that one.

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I think my closest was Cambridge.
1 Hr drive plus parking plus 2x entry plus dinner out, would definitely have exceeded £24.
AND I get to watch it in the comfort of my own living room😊

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