Kitchen in-ceiling speaker system

Hello, looking for ‘food for thought’ :grinning: for a forthcoming kitchen extension.

Has anyone matched in-ceiling speakers with a one box system they’re happy with as a suggestion? My concern is whether in-ceiling speakers will do justice to a uniti and worth it in the environment given there’ll always be noise. Everything hidden.

Many thanks


I’ve had B&W ceiling speakers in our kitchen for 10 years, two pairs each running from a Sonos Connect amp so a Uniti would only be better I guess. They are the 664 model which are 6 inch speakers. If I did it again I would use their 8 inch version. Mine were approx £400 per pair, they “slot” into a common cradle so if you wish you can upgrade to a better model keeping within the 6inch frame though. More than good enough for me and not a wire or amp in sight. If you go the ceiling route use a back box for each speaker in the ceiling void, it improves the sound and minimises any leakage to the room above. You can get them ready made and some are collapsible to feed through the ceiling speaker aperture, I think B&W have some?
Have fun!

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Don’t do what I did and get linn sweetspots, they are total and utter cabbage.

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I decided against in-ceiling speakers and chose some Q-Acoustics bookshelves speakers which are hidden out of sight, on top of the kitchen wall cabinets.
I have them leaning back / pointing up, so they sound great but are invisible.

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I have in-ceiling speakers in three rooms, all running off Unitiqutes. If I could recall the make of the speakers I would tell you. They were not expensive, and I listen to these systems more than my olive kit.

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I’d reconsider having them in kitchen. Just look at the layer of grease that forms on top of your kitchen cabinets or any lights. And those things are easy to wipe down.

I’m not against in ceiling speakers, but wouldn’t personally have them in the kitchen.

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Focal makes some superb install speakers, including a range of in-ceiling options. We have demo’d Uniti driving these models at Custom Install events; great combination, with the added bonus of CI driver support (eg Control 4) if you’re going for more installed kit.

here’s the most recent, top-end offering, but there are many others (the 300 Series is a bestseller)

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Personal view - unless there’s a compelling reason (obviously subjective on this), I wouldn’t, as you may only find out how good the installation is when it’s all in - and once you’ve done this, it’ll be sunk money. Plus, kitchens tend to get dirty surfaces, especially up-high, and you may be limited as to where you can site speakers, due to steam/hot oven air i.e. akin to the Cat-ratings for bathroom lighting?

The construction (and Building and Electrical reg’s around) of the ceiling of the extension may also throw up some considerations. Nowadays, the usual m.o. is for foam board (IIRC 200mm) and it’s usually not a good idea to have an air space.

I’d go with a better quality unit akin to a Qb/Muso - I suspect the pricing overall won’t be much cheaper/even less all-in(?) and give you flexibility for the future.

You could even design-in some wall-unit corner shelving and run wireless stereo-speaker pairs?


I guess it’s a very personal choice, we didn’t want speakers on show, not looking for “soundstage” etc etc. have the “real” rig for that, amps tucked away in a unit no speaker wires on view, very tidy, all controlled from the Sonos app, which of course as anyone who has every used it will confirm is wonderful. The whole installation fills the room with very enjoyable sound and I can run with one or both zones in perfect synch, couldn’t be happier.

Put a Muso on the kitchen windowsill. So much simpler (and hard to beat)


That pleasant smell of grilled bacon in your kitchen consists of tiny drops of fat waiting to condence onto your precious bits, seen and unseen.
If ever you have a new kitchen look and especially touch the surface when the old bits are in the skip.
Makes a microwave seem a sometimes a better way of cooking.

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