Kitchen speaker to sync with UnityStar

I’ve a Uniti Star with Kef LS50s in the lounge and I’d like an additional speaker for the kitchen. Are my options purely Naim based ie mu-so? I’d like the option to be portable so I can take into the garden occasionally. Want the speaker to sync with my Star and play at the same time in whatever room it’s in
Much appreciate any advice

I’m faced with a similar enough issue at the moment @MarkCH - a SuperUniti in the front room and currently a Bose Wave system in the kitchen. I’m still trying to figure out whether bookshelves, ceiling speakers or a Muso/Qb would work best in the kitchen.

Given the need for portability I’d nearly think of using the Bluesound or Sonos ecosystems but that reduces the usability of the Star.

Another option if you had a spare power amp with an input gain would be to take the preamp out from the Uniti into it. Probably only a solution if you always wanted the kitchen speaker on.

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Hi Mark. As your Uniti Star runs on the latest Naim streaming platform, you have several options for going multi-room. The best-quality option is, naturally, Naim Mu-so and Mu-so Qb (first or second generation will play nicely with your Star, though of course the newer models offer even better performance and functionality, including enhanced wi-fi support.)

But you could also choose any speaker that supports Chromecast, or Apple AirPlay 2. And another option is multi-room via Roon.


Muso (Qb) (2) is obvious. (Though with limited portability and need of a power plug.)

If your sources are iOS/iPhone, you can also consider any AirPlay 2 device; but then you’ll need an external source streaming to both.
(Effort/cost depends on the devices you already have.)
Don’t know, if Chromecast can do this as well. [Clare beat me to it: seems it can.]

If you go to another system (Sonos, Yamaha, I’m not an expert here), you might hook up something with an digital out to an digital in of the Star and a speaker to the kitchen.
(Con: you need an extra device to connect to the Star, but „open up“ another proprietary system.)

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@Naim.Marketing This makes me think there is a niche that is so far unexplored in the Naim/Focal range to the best of my knowledge. A portable moisture resitant Muso for the garden or the bathroom.

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Focal do some excellent outdoor speakers - nice little install project to power them from a Naim system inside; job done :wink:


Just get a decent airplay 2 or Chromecast speaker and your sorted. No need to spend lots of money and less you really want to. Plenty of choice out there and some good bargains to be had.

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Great advice all - loving the Star - will have a nosey at the Chromecast option :+1:


Any recommended Naim products and matching in-ceiling speaker?

Sorry for hijacking but like the OP, I have a kitchen project (side return) which will allow 1 box over WiFi (but hopefully Cat6) connected to an in-ceiling pair.

I’ve got an old Unitilite I’m was thinking of using but would welcome some suggestions.

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