Klangmodul or not?

Hi there! I’m still on it, always thinking about ways to improve where there are issues. Now the 250DR hums or buzzes so you cab hear it in the entire room. I have a dedicated spur going from my house central unit. Read an old thread stating that some of you have installed a separate radial i.e. another unit with its own feed and ground all dedicated to the hifi.

I’m now in the process of doing so and found out there is a thing called klangmodul. It kind of looks like a automatic fuse but contains a glassfuse. It’s supposed to make the hifi sound better than a regular automatic fuse.

Question is, is it worth it? It’s about a 100£ or is a dedicated radial as good? What is your experience?

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A humming transformer is often caused by DC offset on the mains. A common, but not universal, diagnostic feature is suddenly altering intensity of the hum from time to time. If it does vary like that DC offset is almost certainly the course. If it is always the same constant level, there remains the possibility that it could be simply be the transformer itself, in which case hearing in completely different premises -a friend’s place, or a dealer, may help decide.

DC offset could be caused by something on the premises, or could be the electricity supply to your home. A dedicated spur would not prevent either. Nor would a fuse, however expensive.

The first thing I suggest is turn off absolutely everything else in your home, and see if you still have a hum. If not, then one at a time turn on everything in the home: that may identify one or more items of equipment actually causing the problem – and potentially provide a route to the resolving. If, however the hum is there with everything else off then it’s most likely points to a problem from the electricity supply to the house.

If from the external supply, or something in the house you can’t avoid, then a possible solution would be a DC blocker. That can be in the form of an isolating transformer, or a dedicated box specific for the purpose (there are such things commercially available, and from time to time other people on the forum have reported success with them).


Just get a DC blocker from Supra :blush: Check out the Swedish sales pages. I see them every now and then for around 2-2500 SEK. Totally worth it. You need a 16A power cable (difference connector) for it. It made my rig dead silent having same problems as you (and many others with Naim). Naim is extremely sensitive to DC on the grid.

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Thank you I’ve also read about DC. Are you saying installing a central unit connected to the meter does not impact on problems emanating from DC?

I do understand that fuses and different fuseboxes won’t cancel the hum but thought that maybe completely separating the electricity would. Or am I not separating the hifi from everything else by installing a separate fusebox connected to the meter before the house central unit?

Regarding the klangmodul I was merely curious. Does anyone have experience from it and is it worth the outlay?

With a separate spur with its own CU you are separating the current paths on smaller wires (and the CU’s switches, and RCD(s) if one or both has one). But indeed it will not block DC on one circuit reaching the other.

I can’t comment on anything the fuse may do - but I have an opinion about the ability of boutique fuses to improve the sound, which is the same as my opinion about the ability of cables to burn in, which in turn is pretty similar to my opinion about the ability of pigs to fly. If you use any fuse in a position that is supposed to provide safety protection to people, do ensure it complies with relevant national standards. And if in a position to protect the equipment, do ensure it complies with the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations - and in the case of Naim I believe discussion of alternative fuses in their equipment is against forum rules.

Haha, pigs might be able to fly but don´t want to. I am not talking about any modification to the Naim boxes. This is about a fuse you put in the CU replacing the one sitting there.

I’m very sure in that a fuse no matter where won’t stop the buzz in your 250. You need to either remove what is creating DC in your grid or get a DC blocker.

Yes as I thought I said I don´t expect a fuse to take Care of the DC. Think of it as two different questions in one.

  1. Can a dedicated CU remedy DC problems? Which @Innocent_Bystander already answered.
  2. Does a Klangmodul ad anything to SQ?

Best easter wishes!

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