Klimax Radikal

It landed on the mat yesterday
Initial impressions are - yes a definite uplift but hard to put my finger on the specifics
Perhaps more detail across the board
But what I’m really finding is firstly the music is much more involving and secondly more refined

I’m finding, every track I’m sitting up and paying attention
I might try the comparison in reverse over the weekend



What phono pre-amp that you are using with the Radikal?

Hi Qiunn_MIT

I use a Tom Evans Mastergroove SR
The superline/ supercap DR is good but in the context of a maxed out and beyond LP12 and 500 series amps I felt it was the weak link
Realistically the phonostage needs to be better than the pre amp


Thanks @Lyndon, my LP12 needs a rebuild, and my dealer is suggesting Urika II + Radikal.But I know that there are some alternatives out there.

I am not convinced myself although I have not had a proper dem between them. Happy to keep my Akurate Radikal though especially as the box looks similar beside my 300.

Why Urika 2? Are you using Linn amps?

Just realised it wasn’t your dealer advising U2. Apologies.

Just added Akurate Radikal to my LP12. Very happy with the uplift in sound quality along with Keel and Kandid. Would I go for Klimax casing? If I could afford it, yes! The casework is a work of art. And for that reason alone I would pay up. Unforunately my finances didn’t stretch quite that far so I didn’t attempt to make a direct comparison.

Looks like we have a similar spec Mark. The Radikal is good isn’t it?

I have had my Lingo 4 for a couple of years now and delighted with the results, it was when Linn did buy one upgrade and get one 50% off so I went Lingo 4 and Kore

My next thoughts are either Keel or Radikal?

but I have to say had a NAIM pre fix added last year with Ekos SE arm, the pre is powered by my HCDR, and I am delighted with the results, so I am going to demo Keel or new Tangerine Phoeneix
my electronis are done with 252/300DR - just need to get SC DR’d

my dealer is veru well kown as an LP12 and NAIM specialist, so he can demo all, so sounds like a day out!


Yes Stuart. Very good. Although I’ve done a few upgrades at once so couldn’t say for sure which bit is having the biggest impact. Listening to Joni Mitchell at the moment and keep getting “Wow” moments. Hearing so many new things I hadn’t been aware of before. Really makes you appreciate and pay attention to the quality if the musicians. Feeling very lucky to have this quality of playback available. Hope I don’t get blasé about it.

Blasé? I find the cure for this is having a few days of not listening to music. When I come back to my system I am amazed at how good it sounds. There is something about Linn/Naim systems even if they are no longer the big thing they were in the eighties.

Definitely agree with that. After a business trip for two weeks it’s the second thing I want to do :wink:

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First time listening to it in anger

I’ve had to reduce the bass on the Snaxo

There’s definitely more going on and consequently much more involving to listen to


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