Klipsch Heresy III sealed vs IV ported

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does anyone here have experience with a sealed box Heresy III in a medium-sized room versus a ported IV? I’m debating both but probably not going to be able to audition them in-home. Wondering whether it makes more sense to go with the III as I don’t think I’ll be able to pull them more than half a metre(ish) from the wall. Logic seems to say that the ported version in that position could get a little wild…

(or just put me out of my misery and say that the Forte IV passive radiator is the much better option)


I am unclear as to why ported should be any better or worse than unported in terms of closeness to the front wall, other than that rear ported speakers might not perform right with the port too close. The normal purpose of a port is to extend the bass response lower than achievable unported: if an extended bass response is undesirable for any reason then the unported might be expected to be better suited.

The Forte IV passive radiator is the much better option.


I tried the Hersey III a few years back, powered by a UnitiQute2. I found them brutal sounding: Bright, relentless, fatiguing.

I’ve heard the Cornwall III and it was a pleasant speaker. The ported 15” woofer makes a difference.

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