Know Your Limits!

In these days of lockdown, I am curious if people are aware and/or have availed themselves of the Max Volume setting.

I have an adjoining neighbour (I know, I’m a pleb!) who is home more than usual these days.

I’m often guilty of making an enthusiastic volume nudge, which I don’t really notice until I leave and return to the room, and then am overcome with shame.

I’ve really found that setting a reasonable ceiling on my music volume has stopped me from pushing the limits of my speakers (and neighbourly relations) too far, and I’ve enjoyed music more as a result.

And while I’m here, my title has reminded me of this…

Happy Friday!


For me volume is based on what time of day and often what I’m playing. A lot recorded music seems to have different volume levels making hard to fix a definitive setting. Our neighbours are close but not close enough that it creates a problem.

With my setup I very rarely would go beyond 40 on my prep amp (272/250).

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