Came across this today … sums up my understanding of Hifi.


:small_blue_diamond:Camphuw,…Lovely picture…

And all these cable-discussions,.are usually done with those that are at the far left of your picture…



But there is also common sense.
Experts are usually dismissive of or just lack this trait.
Whereas such commoners lack the articulation to have confidence in it.

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Wasn’t it Gove that said we were ‘tired of experts’ during that referendum?

Frankly knowledge of anything worthwhile is hard work so if you want to make informed decisions you had better roll up your sleeves and get the books out… Or find experts that you trust and work out ways to qualify that trust.

In my line of work I hate senior people wanting definitive answers about events in the future- such things don’t exist without a crystal ball. I can give best guesses (which are generally right) but they will always be racked with doubt!


This made sense to me; by training I’m a scientist (chemist), but worked in local government and then as a EU adviser. Late in life I dabbled in agriculture and research. It was the last that flummoxed me - it took me a couple years of reading, talking and application to understand the concept of “social construction”.

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