Back in the day I used Kodachrome almost exclusively. I tried others, but always came back to it. The colour rendition*, detail, and low grain were delightful, although K64 could be a bit red on (Caucasian) skin tones. I found K25 almost flawless, but with the restrictions that low speed imposed I might as well have switched to medium format.

There was much chatter about which labs were the best. I used to send mine to Switzerland.

This thread is making me want to buy a projector and dig out my albums of slides, which I haven’t looked at properly in decades.

* makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh yeah

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Good luck, in having a look at your old slides. I must do likewise soon. It will be lovely to see again photos of my sons growing up, house moves, holidays, and so on.

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The Kodachrome 64 could be fantastic, though you needed a good tripod. I used to switch films depending on the colour emphasis I wanted.

I loved it too @graham55 .

I have sometimes thought that the audio equivalent to a roll of Kodachrome 64 would be an LP12, Ittok, Rega R100 with an A&R A60, some QED 79 strand, and a pair of Heybrook HB2s.


Ah, Chris… a lovely warm feeling of nostalgia there!

(Substitute the A60 for a Quantum pre/power and that would be a particular system that I adored back in the early-mid '80s)

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Almost… LP12/Ittok/DV10X - A&R A60 - Tangent RS2’s.

When I first started Photography, I thought that Kodachrome 25 (or was it Kodachrome II - ?), was the only colour film you could get…!! How on earth I got any results at all, using an Ilford Sportsman, which had no metering and ‘guess’ focusing, I still do not know… :astonished:


A bit later, I bravely tried K64…!! Later still, I saw my first SLR - a Practika MTL3 - and the rest you can guess…

(I didn’t buy an MTL3 - I got a Cosina CSM.)


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