Kudos 505 vrs k 606

Hi all.I would be interested in people’s auditions with the above ! Does room size matter ? and sonic qualities differ?My system is naim 252/300/cds3/chord signature speaker cable and interconnects, thanks paul

@pdormer good morning

the T505 are top of my list for my next speaker, I have LP12/NDX/252/300DR i love the deapth ease of drive and detail the T505 have, I feel they punch above thier size

The T606 are also superb, but as you say I think they are at thier finest when then they have the room, my music room is on the smaller side
one thing is for sure the Kudon Titan range are outstanding from T505 through to T808


The 505 have always impressed me with their punch…well above their weight
Guess it also depends if you prefer stand mount or not (I do)

Been there done that and got the T shirt well a pair of T606s.

I had a demo of the T505 verses theT606 and my personal preference was for the T606.

Both are superb speakers but I found that the T606 gave a better all round integrated and musical performance.

I won’t go into the differences between the two models as everybody hears things differently so a dealer/home demo is a must.

After a lengthy home demo I purchased a pair which were delivered and installed five weeks ago and they are a absolutely superb speaker indeed, low level listening is true astonishing very pleased indeed.

They seem very accommodating to room size and positioning my rooms a standard 1930s semi detached size 5m by 4.5m with a wooden floor.

Whilst the 505s are a stand mounts they are actually physically taller than the 606 with a footprint much the same so regarding space requirements there is nothing to choose between the two models.

Demo system used at the dealer was Core,ND555+PS,252,300dr full S/L loom and Powerlines the same as I use at home the only difference was the dealers system was on a Fraim but I use a Quadrasphire SVT in Bamboo with Bronze upgrades at home.

I can send a picture if you require.

Happy listening.


Either are fantastic speakers, but I also went for 606’s, which are on the end of an LP12, KDSM, 552DR/500DR, ChordMusic on Fraim/Sonority system.

Absolutely no problems with room size, mine is a compact 3.6 x 3.4, with a concrete suspended floor, which also opens up via French doors into a large conservatory for when we have a party or family event and they excel in both. They sound great at low volume, too, which was a real bonus.

There’s a clear relationship between all the Titan speakers so if you like one, you’ll probably like them all.

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Oh you folks are so fortunate to have home demo’s! I’d love to just get a listen to these speakers but it’s a 6 hour airline flight just to demo

I have the 606s and am extremely happy (NDX2/SN3) - they actually take up less space than the 505s and due to the slightly different porting arrangement, the 606s can be be placed closer to a rear wall which was essential for me.


Unfortunately these speakers are far too expensive to buy without a trial - to most of us anyhow!

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I agree @Bjm . When the time is right I’ll be spending a long weekend away from home demoing them. Great to hear either the 505’s or 606 sound great with (NDX2/SN3)

I also have the 606’s and had to buy without a home demo and it worked out fine for my system and home. In Hong Kong you cant get home demos on stereo so you have to make a best guess and do a lot of research. Had PMC 25-23 prior to the Titans and liked them but the 606’s are another level altogether. Also placement is very forgiving, handy for the smaller spaces in HK.


Yes I am very fortunate to live about 7 miles way from a rather excellent dealer that goes the extra mile when it comes to both shop and home demonstrations plus offering superb after sales service, very lucky indeed.

Unfortunately I never had the 505s out on home demo so can give no indication of how they would have sounded in my room compared to the 606s.

The 606s replaced a pair of Spendor D7s and I was pleasantly surprised that the T606s could be positioned closer to the back wall than the Spendors this does reinforce the fact that they seem work well fairly close to a rear wall.


My I ask where you live?

Les États Unis. Close to Russia lol
Alaska part of the year, Seattle part of the year. Closet dealership for Kudos is in Chicago

I was thinking… and I guessed somewhere in Alaska. Very few places outside China , Russia and US where you need 6 hours flying time…

I have the 808 and I am really pleased with them.

I have never heard the 505 nor the 606 but if your listening room is not really small I vote for the 606.

You must have a really good and interesting life.

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Thanks Gunnar. Correct 5 hour and 58 mins “technically” to Chicago lol. I’m torn as my room is bigger than small, but smaller than medium. I’ll listen to both. Luckily I hear a SN3/NDX2 will work with either (easy to drive)

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I am a Swedish guy but have been a lot in US. So much so I for a few years filed tax returns there. And when an American say “smaller than medium” I guess around 18 m2?

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I also went from D7’s to 606’s and that is exactly what I found with the positioning of them. The rear of my speakers is 260mm from a solid block wall.

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I’m terrible converting metrics to feet, but the room I’m looking at is an odd shape open format. 10x13 but open on one side IIRC.

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Only you can decide- irrespective of room size I prefer the 505s. ATB Peter

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Thanks PeterR!