Kudos 606 with Nap250DR?

Has anyone heard/run the 606s with a Nap250DR? Thoughts? Looking at going up from a set of Super 20s without a home
I’m in the US - so the other speaker I want to look at is the Totem. New element Earth. V2 should be out soon.
The system here would be a - NDS/552/250DR for a fairly large room. 18ft x 40ft, 10ft ceilings, but the listening area is 18ftx10ft speakers backing to the long wall on one side of the room.

Keep the super 20,s and get a 300 amp instead??

The 250DR is superb with both the 505 and 606s. I have it on good authority that neither are fussy about room placement either!

I can also add my vote for this combination. Kudos Titan 606 are just the most engaging and musical partner with naim electronics.

Mine are working with nds/555sdr/282/hicapdr/250dr


If you like your S20’s you’ll absolute adore the 606’s; a huge step up and quite happy with a 250DR.

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Music thorugh my 300DR/Kudos 606 partnertship is fantastic. I would guess 250DR/Kudos 606 is also excellent.

Welcome Phil, the music thread is brilliant

My experience, FWIW, is with the S20’s and 250 (non-DR). The main point I would share with you is that although the S20’s worked ok with the 250 there was a massive improvement, particularly in bass accuracy and definition, when I changed to 2 x 135’s. In other words, yes, they worked ok previously but your money, as a previous poster suggested, might be better invested in replacing the 250 with a 300 and keeping the s20’s.

yeah, I agree. The S20 got better as I moved up the chain from the 250 to the 300 to the 500. I was just thinking that maybe I could get rid of the 500 and S20, get a Titan 606, and use the 250 from the second system which I would then disband…
just idle musings…

Ahh you already know how good the S20s can sound with a better amp …that’s ok then …muse away !!!

Well I have the S20s and 250Dr and it’s excellent. I’ve heard the S20s with the 300 and of course it’s more refined. But I’ve also had a demo of the 250 with 505s - complete game changer. No reason to think why the 606s wouldn’t be the same.



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totally agree with @LindsayM both the T505 & T606 are easily divern, I have heard both speakers on a number of occastions and a lovely

The T505 are firmly on my list due to my room size

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