Kudos 808 - what finish?

Hi all, Does anybody have a pair of 808s in oak that they could post a pic of? I am trying to choose a finish but not finding any oak photos on line.
Thanks to anybody who can help!

Robbo, I think you’ll find that the Oak finish is a more recent addition to the Titan range therefore you might struggle to find many photo’s on line.

I would contact Derek at Kudos I found him to be most helpful when I was choosing a finish for my T606s.

I did reach out to Kudos and they pointed me to the C20 oak pics… but nothing quite like seeing the actual model in the wood. I am thinking black gloss, but oak could be an option if I could only actually see it! :grimacing:

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When I purchased mine my dealer had the 505 in Tineo and the 606 in Walnut neither looked exactly like the Brochure colour so choosing from the Brochure could be a bt of a gamble.

I did contact Derek and explained that I had mid Oak furniture and a Quadraspire rack in Bamboo hence the decision of the Tineo finish and to be fair hey blend in lovely in my room. The Oak appears to be a very light Oak finish.

I would agree that the oak finish is very light. I demoed S20s in oak and was quite surprised at how light the finish was. I ended up with 606 in walnut. I’d say the walnut is darker than it appears in the brochure but that suited me fine. What I would say is that both looked better in real life and that the photos don’t generally do justice to the quality.

I have seen photos of the walnut finish where it looks pretty light, kind of Nordic feel - which I liked - but a chat with the folks at kudos put me right, they confirmed it is pretty dark in reality.
Worried that black gloss may be quite imposing on such a big speaker. Hence considering oak.
What I really want though is the pippy oak of the ATC but on the kudos 808 :slight_smile:

Black makes things look smaller. It’s an optical illusion.

Robbo, the Walnut in the flesh looks much darker than the photo suggests it should be the Tineo that I eventually chose appears lighter in real life than the brochure ?

I do like the tineo, it makes a statement, but worried that it is quite orange. Is that the case in reality?

@TimOopNorth should help. I remember he had difficulties in choosing the right colour for his 808.

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I will probably end up going black - I mean at least with black I do know what I am getting, right :slight_smile: but good to get people’s opinions who have seen these in the flesh.
Of course then there is black oak or black gloss… :grimacing:

My T606 in Tineo.


I found the tineo quite orange and its stripes were rather lairy (though the orange was very difficult to capture in photos), so I have walnut instead. The walnut suits our room a lot better but is relatively subdued. For me black would be a bit monolithic

This is tineo in my room - none in natural light I am afraid

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The Naim / kudos dealer in otley had photos of a customers 808s in oak on their website. Very light as people have said

The above picture is walnut from their website and I would say it’s similar to the shade of mine in my room

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Here is an oak photo (I think) from kudos own website

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Thank you Tim!

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Not keen on the scary faces in the grain of the promo shot pair, but Tim’s own set have much nicer grain and also seem to be a richer colour. I think Peter’s latest dem room pair at Cymbiosis are also Walnut. Very nice in the flesh and a great improvement on the Tineo’s AFAIC. Oak looks interesting too. I’m generally more a fan of Oak over Walnut as a rule.

Here’s a snap of one of mine just now

“In the wood” they look a bit warmer in tone than this

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Tim, that’s a lovely grain effect looks very natural totally different from the Walnut T606s I had out on demo and a lot lighter in colour.

I think that is one of the problems with a natural wood finish they are all different to a varying degree.

And very difficult to capture in photographs - or rather they vary a lot depending on the light source