Kudos Active day with Cymbiosis

Putting money where mouth is in terms of a non-confirmed event is pretty pointless, isn’t it?

Planning on coming to this - want to hear active v passive back to back.

@TimOopNorth would be good to meet up Tim if you can make it

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Peter has confirmed I am on the list. Martin T also coming he hopes (as my chauffeur - he doesn’t want to hang around while I charge my car on the way back :grimacing:). Will want to talk to Peter about lp12 long term too while there. Have heard 808 active and 505 passive at acoustica shows this year and last. Liked both rather a lot though the SL2s are staying for a good few years yet

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Update - not going on Saturday. Discovered it is first Saturday of school hols so M6 south (and other mways) likely to be nightmare- also discovered that kudos are on an active naim tour, so will be possible to experience elsewhere later in the summer. I will have separate visit to Cymbiosis during the week sometime to chat lp12 with Peter


Agree motorways might be no go, will of course posts photos and my thoughts

For me my goal is if single 300DR is more musical passive that 2x 250DR active

Can’t really go second 300 could go wonky, however love those T505 so might be passive

You would probably need a new Snaxo but I’m sure Naim could confirm that if you email them. Having said that, I’d go for that, being an active fan. And if you did change speakers down the line the Snaxo would be by far the cheaper part of the change when you factor in the resale of your old 242. I actually think the Snaxo is one of the more affordable items from the Naim stable.

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Thanks Mark. I thought Snaxos could be reconfigured if the speakers were changed, no? Or are the crossover points effectively “hard wired” for each Snaxo?

They can be amended - I saw a quote posted by someone (forgotten where) that the change of settings by the factory is same as cost of factory service at £295

Geoff of acoustica was very firm in advising me not to attempt wonky (I had 300 and 250dr) so I got a second 300. I would have liked to hear a single 500 against a pair of 300s but love the 300 so much that I never considered 2x250s

Anyone from the Forum going to this? I will be there around 12.00 midday.

Don,t forget your wallet…you know you want those speakers :wink:

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I am definitely going to leave my plastic at home……yes….definitely……although?...no….no.


@NigelB will be there about 14 30.

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I’m booked. Probably arriving early afternoon.

so today is the big day - look forward to meeting forum members

I will be the one with the look of “how I am going to explain this one to the wife”


Have a great day out and I look forward to reading about it all.

Looks like a day of sunshine and showers for me at Bishop Wilton Fete :grin:


Have fun everyone, look forward to a few stories

Great day and I would like to thank all at Cymbiosis and the Kudos guys for some very interesting and revealing demos.

I summary, going from passive to active was quite an uplift, in both the big (ND555/555PS/LP12/552/300DR - 1 passive, 3 active/Titan 808), and small (NDX/XPSDR/252/SuperCapDR/250DR - 1 passive, 2 active/Titan 505) systems.

To be fair the uplift going active was bigger in the big system but both ‘activations’ were very worthwhile. More separation, more accurate tone and timbre, greater clarity on vocals, just better all round. Bass was better defined and flabbiness was removed/reduced in the active systems.

Again thanks to Cymbiosis and Kudos for a great demo.


Thanks Nigel, what direction are you heading. A 500 power amp or a smaller active system to control the Kudos speakers?