Kudos at Acoustica

Spent a couple of hours listening to 606s (active and passive) and 707s (active only) - source ND555, assume a pair of 555drs, uniticore and melco. 300dr amps.

Some brief thoughts - passive to active quite a significant change - first time I have heard back to back and a more effortless and open sound, more convincing and natural. I don’t have a lot more to say really. I thought the 606s sounded very nice but not enough above / different from my SL2s (active driven with everything the same as the dem other than the inclusion of a Melco which I don’t have) to ever consider a change I don’t think. Most of the time was listening to the 606s active with a bit of swapping back and forth - clearly better active.

Then, the 707s. Oh, how I like these - to my ears a big step up from the 606s and just sound absolutely lovely. A fuller, bigger sound and I could have stayed there more or less indefinitely. Obv would need to hear at home but definitely something to consider in a few years when I have recovered from the splurging of the last 18 months

As a final comparison, Geoff took the Melco out and back in and out again. Surprised at the difference - sounded on removal like a blanket had been placed over the speakers - and then taken away once put back in. V surprised. This was with the melco between the uniticore and the nd555, not using it for storage as all held in the uniticore. Need to listen in my own system but I was convinced and hadn’t expected to be. As a caveat another customer there (Bob, I think) wasn’t convinced on the melco effect though he was on active v passive


I’d been hoping to make it over to Chester today in order to hear for myself, the reason for Geoff’s enthusiasm for the inclusion of a Melco into the system.

Events overtook me, and I wasn’t able to visit, but it seems you were impressed by the Melco, and even though it wasn’t being used for storage of the music files, it seems to have sprinkled some magic unicorn dust on the music being played.

Since I use my HDX for both ripping and storage, it suggests that I might well experience the same uplift.

Oh dear, the fun just never stops, does it? :roll_eyes:

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Nice to hear, told you that you would like what the melco does, strange one, but it does work well.
I wish my day had gone to plan and been like yours, as should have had a nd555 in my system today and done some comparisons, but had to go and so some work instead.
So 707 active is the way forward for you it seems or is it a melco first.
Which melco did they use ?

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I think it was the basic Melco for around £1k, Dunc. Nothing is changing here due to lack of funds. Would like to try a melco at home - not quite sure where it would go as the fraim is pretty stacked already. Next year probably

The 707s aren’t happening any time soon - tho’ already have the active in place. Would need to have the snaxo reset for them - apparently they normally use a 362 for the 707s though this is to fit with 808s which have same crossover point apparently - mine could be reset ok by naim. Would also need a decent listen at home too but my impression is that the 606s aren’t any / much improvement over the SL2s but the 707s certainly are

Well i have the melco N100 and it does a great job and well worth the out lay and if i was you that is what i would go for next.
The kudos range seems to be the way folks are going, i am going to stick with what i have like you for now, the SL2 work well and in the right circumstances are hard to better for sensible money
But its good to listen to other systems as it can make you feel happy with what you have sometimes, sometimes not lol, but enjoy


I was pleased to have the opportunity to hear the 606s and 707s, and the active / passive comparison was a bonus. Maybe in ten years a pair of 707s or similar may replace the SL2s (retirement cash - if I have any!) but not before then

Still need to research the melco more tonunderstand the range and what it offers. Only changed from unitiserve to uniticore a few months ago so too early to think of changing anything. May add a melco between the core and the nd555 next year but not this!

I would’ve liked to have gone yesterday too but couldn’t make it for family reasons. Would love to hear the 707s but passive and interesting comment re the 606 not being a big enough improvement on SL2s. Mine are starting to seem like even more of a bargain for £2k I paid for them 9 years ago. :sunglasses:

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But your ears might think differently. I stumbled across a thread on here from earlier in the year with comments on all the titans but some people think the 505s are the sweet spot, some the 606s, some the 707s and some that the 808s are far and away the best ever speakers. And I get the impression it’s all room dependent. And I am reasonably sure that one of Cymbiosis’ customers went from SL2s to kudos super 20s, so non titans


Which melco?

Any word on the 505’s. love to hear thoughts. I am looking to make a move.

If you considered to add a melco you don`t need to use your core anymore,your music store will be into melco instead core,they are identical in function

I use a QNAP NAS and either will rip a cd with my Mac and dB power amp or download online. Then stream from NAS or tidal. Where would a Melco fit into that picture?And would there an improvement in SQ.

The Melco N1 range is about to get significant firmware upgrades which will add Internet Radio capability and Sonkong, and soon after that Roon Endpoint capability will be added. This will put Melco ahead of the Uniti Core in terms of audio AND firmware capability.

The Melco tablet/phone control software still needs some work compared with Naim’s App but the excellent Linn Kazoo and also Lumin work well.

I think it was probably the N100, but I didn’t think to ask as I have no funds left after buying the ND555

Is that on all of them? Including the N100 or will it be the higher end ones only?

Goes in between your QNAP (equivalent to my uniticore) and your streamer (nd555 for me). Yesterday I noticed a very obvious improvement in sound quality but another customer there wasn’t convinced. Taking the melco out really muffled the sound for me and putting it back brought it back again. Really don’t know if it would have the same effect in your system. I found it a substantial improvement but should of course try in my own system

Didn’t hear the this time but heard at acoustica show last year. Liked very much but your ears may differ

Yes I know - I am not sure why I would add that melco box and not get rid of uniticore (though would also need then to buy the matching melco ripper - which improves the sound further, apparently) but a local friend who has just got one this week is planning on keeping his uniticore and using the melco only for backup. Though he may decide otherwise after some experimentation. I only have around 1000 cd’s to re-rip! Doesn’t worry me too much having to re-rip though have only had the uniticore a few months - but not getting the melco until next year and I need to hear in my own home/do a bit more comparing. Darke Bear has put some comments today / yesterday on the “melco mania” thread in the streaming section of the forum here

I only know about the N1 range which has different firmware releases to the N10/N100.

Melco Audio UK are going to be at some ‘Melco Master’ dealers in the next fortnight so I suspect a formal press release could be coming soon.

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I wondered if you were specifically referring to the N1 or the full range - thanks for the clarification