Kudos C10 v Super 10 A

Hi all at the minute I have a pair of Kudos C10’s. I never totally embraced them at first but over the past year or so I have come to enjoy them at the end of my 200/202 Hi Cap. Main source LP 12.
I’m not aware of many other members using C10 but wondered if anybody had made the change to the super 10A and if they felt it was worthwhile.
There are several pairs available on our favourite auction site at - what seems to me inviting prices and I’m tempted. Many thanks

My C10s really came alive when I replaced my 202 with a 282 :wink:


I absolutely love my Super 10As, which I paid about half retail price for.
They edged out the Dynaudio special 40s and Neat Momentum SX3i when I auditioned them.
Not sure how much of an upgrade they are from the C10s though.

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Not quite the same but I changed from C20’s to S20’s and the difference was worthwhile.

However this was with a 282/HiCap DR/250 DR.

I’ve heard C10’s on the end of a 282/SuperCap/300 sounding superb.

Unless the cost to change is minimal I’d look elsewhere to improve and as suggested a 282 is the natural upgrade.

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Thanks for your comments. No use asking for advice just to ignore it so I’ll skip the super 10’s and look at a 282 at this stage.

The S10 is a huge upgrade on the C10 IMO. I home auditioned them along with a C20 paired with a SU a few years back. The S10’s were a much more cohesive sound, balancing the high, mid and base as well as being so much sweeter sounding as well as more powerful. When I heard them I knew I had to have them even though they were out of budget.

I still have them as the money I’d get for them isn’t worth trading them in. One day I’ll deploy them properly but for the time being in my ever growing system they are currently acting as the rears in my surround setup.

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