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Hi all,

Has anyone tried ISO acoustics galas with any of the kudos titan range? If anyone has I would interest in the results of this modification.

I have them on my 606s. Tidied up the bass resonance from my suspended floor a little and there was a better soundstage / separation of instruments. I think the Townsend Podiums would do an even better job but domestically not acceptable! Soon to move to a new address with a solid floor though!

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feed back. I have gala 1s which I had been using on some focal Sopra 2s and found similar improvements to you on the focals. My floor is solid but floating wooden floor so they definitely helped. The kudos speakers arrive tomorrow so I will let them settle in before trying them…although the do definitely make the speakers easier to move around for positioning when fitted without damaging the floor.

Just to clarify…they are Gaias not Galas.

Point taken….but I’m sure the majority of people on this forum would have known what I was talking about and if they didn’t they do now.

Im sure too, hence Steve’s reply and mine.
Just politely correcting an error in name.

They’re not Titans, but I had the same experience as Steve with my Super 20s on Gaia III.


Likewise, with Gaia 1s on my Neat MF9s.

Worth mentioning, though, that you would need to check the weight of your incoming Kudos speakers, to see whether they would match the rating of the Gaia 1s.

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Sure, but if you search the forum for previous threads on Gala you will find little, if you search for Gaia you will find a lot :slight_smile:

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Hi Dave yes I’ve checked thanks there 808s so the Gaia 1s will be fine.

I am dyslexic. So posting on a forum can be difficult because some people are more interested in pointing out mistakes in Grammar or punctuation rather than actually interacting with the post in a positive way.

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I can understand the problem, but everybody seemed much more interested in helping than pointing out mistakes.


I tried them on my Kudos 606s. I didn’t get a sense there was much improvement to the speakers in my room.

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I think that is a very valid point. If there is no problem to solve then there would be no point in fitting them. It’s all going to be room dependent to a degree. Just to reiterate some earlier posts, the 606s need the Gaia 2. The Gaia 3 will only support speakers up to 32 kg .

Edited after Dave pointed out my mistake.

Erm, I think you might be getting things front to back there, Steve, as the Titan 808s weigh 75Kg, and the Gaia ratings are 1 - up to 100Kg, 2 - up to 55kg and 3 - up to 32Kg.

Not being picky, just didn’t want the OP getting confuddled.

Sorry, yes you are right Dave. Got the number progression confused. I’ll edit my post! :roll_eyes:

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