Kudos KS-1 vs Super Lumina

Hi All, Has anyone heard a demo comparing Kudos KS-1 vs Super Lumina speaker cables? Quite a few retailers stock Kudos and Naim products. Surely one of them has run some comparaison either with Kudos or Naim speakers if not with both.

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Is that a fair comparrison considering the price differential?

I have tried both at home. The Superlumina should outperform the KS-1, but it did not work in my system. I have the KS-1, it replaced the naca5. Please try at home, if just on a dealer demo, i would have bought SL.


I went from Superlumina to KS-1 when I got the Titan 606’s, different but worked/sounded better IMHO…


I’ve found that speaker cable depends on the speaker. You need a demo at home with your speakers as has been advised.

Obviously home demo is the only correct way to assess what works best in a specific environment but in view of the comments so far, it seems that KS-1 ar at least on a par with Super Lumina for a fraction of the cost. Food for thought.

I have used both. I agree you need to try them at home but that may be difficult. I would say that the Kudos are fantastic cables. I used them with Titan 808s. I am now using Tellurium silver - they are great. Very detailed and a little thinner in the bass but that’s what I was looking for

Aside from the usual caveats about olive and CB amps needing NAC A4 or A5 – hell yeah, it’s absolutely a fair comparison!

@PhiltheGeezer go Kudos and spend the price differential on music, speakers, or turntable, if that’s your thing.

I did the comparison yesterday with Kudos 707s and 552/500 and posted my view in another thread. I much preferred the KS-1. With the SL “ To my ears the mid range vocals were heavily coloured and a lot of the energy/dynamics were sucked out of the music.”. I couldn’t wait to switch back. This is the second time I have tried them. You should listen as your view may differ.

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I understand that it is always a matter of taste and home demo is a must but your findings very interesting reading. I will definitely try the KS-1.

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