Kudos KS1 jumpers

Due to a change of location I need some longer speaker cables.
Currently running Phantom with Phantom Jumpers. No issues with it but thought I’d give the KS1 a go. Seems good value and well regarded on here.
Cannot find a dealer who is showing KS1 jumpers for sale so firstly…anyone had these made up and by who? My soldering is appalling.
Secondly, will it make much difference if I just stick with my Phantom jumpers with the KS1 ?
I’ve always noticed an uplift using cable jumpers over the Sonus Faber supplied solid metal jumper links so dont want to go back to that.

I think that most Members here probably use NACA5, as it’s what’s recommended by Naim, and it’s bloody good. Do you have any good reason not to use it?

I have no idea what Phantom and Phantom Jumpers are. Does your dealer recommend it for Naim kit?

Ask Signals to see if they’d make you up a pair?



Witchhat Phantom.
My dealer recommended 3k of chord cable or Superlumina. Having added a 300DR this week Im not minded to go to that.
I have naca5. Its ok, but a swine to manipulate and sonically inferior to the Phantom. Very noticeably so.
Thank you for your input :+1:t2:

In my experience choice of cables depends on speakers. I’ve tried Naca 5 with both my previous Dyn Contours and Kudos but on both occasions gone back to Odyssey.

I got mine from Cymbiosis. First time I’d used them but they were very efficient and seemed very knowledgeable. You could give them a call ?

They were also happy to send me some demo cable out to try first too which just cost me the return postage.


My experience is that KS-1 betters NACA05 by far, and is a great match with Naim amps. This is true not just for Kudos speakers… Ovators got a lot of life with KS-1.


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