Kudos S20 or Spendor

Have you compared Kudos Super 20a and Spendor D7.2?

No. Have you? Because it’s your ears that will make the determination


I do not have an answer but using search feature and typing in Kudos S20 or Spendor and 8 additional threads besides the one you started appeared. There may be some information in one of those threads that would help you.

I have found the search feature help find lots of good information within the forum…


Another quality opening question.

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Some of these questions are so utterly vacuous it’s impossible to know where to start. People make no effort whatsoever and then expect people to rally round to help. Entitled? Lazy? Clueless? Who knows?


“Young” is probably the word you are looking for. :wink:

All of your above options are valid too!

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If people cannot be bothered to give some background and ask a question in context they really cannot expect help. Well, they might expect it but they won’t get it. A five year old should have the gumption to realise that. Make the effort.


This is a bit rough. The guy/gal was just wondering if anyone has compared the two speakers. One might be a little more laid back than the other. One might be known to be bright etc etc.


Did you have a bad day hungry halibut?

It’s a perfectly ok question to ask

Soendor 7.2 is a fine speaker with neutral tonality and quite a punchy bass for the size

Would I put it on my shortlist of speakers definitely yes

Never heard a kudos speaker

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@Artistplant I can’t help you with a comparison of the speakers you mention, but Ed Selley over on AV Forums has recently reviewed the Spendor D7.2. Worth a read as he was pretty smitten. He’s also a fan of Kudos loudspeakers too.

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You are right, however without the background of system, room and budget, what speakers are currently owned and what changes are sought, it’s impossible to give a meaningful answer. All you get is personal preferences, which really count for very little.

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I haven’t, just to set the scene. I’d be curious to know the answer though despite not owning either or being likely to purchase them any time soon.
It’s fascinating to me to know what makes a speaker good/nice/enjoyable to some and not to others and beyond that what makes the one you like work well.
In my experience I don’t find every single post on this community of interest to me personally, on those occasions I find it best to just ignore them and let those that do have an interest or willigness to contribute do so.
I think sometimes we also forget that not everyone that uses this community resource, as a platform for discussion and knowledge share, speak English natively, and may even rely on a translator to ask a question. They may also not be confident discussing these topics or be new to HiFi as a hobby. Knowledge shared is a wonderful thing when done well.


The OP asked a simple question. Your response (if any required at all) at best should have been no unfortunately I haven’t.


I asked about the differences and not which are better or worse…

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perfectly normal question to me, hopefully people with some actual experience would be able to help, especially if paired to a SN2/3 as seems to be in your case. I have only heard the D7.2 and I liked them a lot, however not compared to the Kudos.

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Similarly I have owned the S20s they are a fine room friendly speaker. Might be worth talking to Peter @Cymbiosis he stocks both and is very helpful.

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I must say Facebook takes the award regarding this subject.
Sometime I can’t believe what I am reading there.

The other day a guy asked how much he could expect for selling his Toyota car, no mention of year or condition, color or anything, no pictures, but it was an Aygo and had some extra equipment… :crazy_face:

As for differences between Kudos and Spendor…
its quite large

What is a bit confusing to me is that OP already had another thread going where he asked the same question, so now there are two threads where this is discussed:

Perhaps these would be better merged in that case…

a few conversations going on around Nova compatibility, I think the D7.2 should be on the shortlist for someone looking for a floorstander

As I understand there is a member-profile where people sometime write their own equipment.
Probably not always updated, at least I rarely bother to click.

It would be nice if people asking these difference questions to write a bit more details regarding room size, amps, source, budget etc…

You see such question everyday on various forums, and people usually reply happy enthusiastic about what they have themself…

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