Kudos S20s

I have a Naim Nova playing through Naim Allaes and I’m thinking of upgrading to a pair of Kudos S20s, does anyone have any experience of them, has anyone made a similar switch or used them with a Nova?


I tried these when I did a demo of Nova and other speakers…they just did not come alive to my ears, seemed to have a recessed soundstage. I had every intention based on forum feedback that Kufos was the way to go, ended up with PMC 25.26.

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I’m in the same boat as Gazza. Having read all the positive posts on the old forum I was convinced they were what I was looking for on the end of my SN2.
Had a home demo for a week recently and they sounded way too bright and uninvolving in my room. Would definitely not purchase without a home demo.
On the plus side I’ve zero plans to change my old speakers now so saved a bag of cash

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Thanks for your replies, the audition advice is spot on but they are pre owned so it’s not an option. I bought s400 Ovators to replace the Allae’s and they were terrible so I moved them on so I’ll take your advice and not buy them.

There are some excellent speakers at a similar price you could audition including Spendor D7s or ProAc Response D20R. I preferred both to the Kudos when seeking out the right speakers. Although I’ve not heard the exact model in Gazza’s post, I enjoyed what I heard through PMC speakers too. However, what sounds best is a matter of taste and I can understand some prefer a brighter more forward sound. It is also room dependent so I found a home audio works best.

I have S20’s and absolutely love them although I think they need more than a Nova to create a balanced system. There are people here using them with 500 series electronics to good effect, so they are pretty high end. I use mine with an NDX/282/HicapDR/250dr.

Can you listen to them first, ideally in your own room?

You could look to the Kudos C20’s. They look the same and are cheaper and a bit less demanding but very good. They are very similar in strengths and weaknesses though. Some find both these speakers a bit bright, this is due to the tweeter which is very high quality and very revealing but in the right system they are both very good indeed.


I was concerned I was creating a bit of a mullet system, I think you’re right the Nova hasn’t got enough for them. I’ll just keep my Allaes and spend my hard earned on something else.


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I have the Super 20s on a 272/250DR system and think they sound fab. Not bright at all. Sounds very balanced to me.

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