Kudos speaker cable

Just following up from some excellent advice provided by HungryHalibut in May (discussion since closed) re recommendations for Kudos KS-1 cables. After trying, via a Sydney audio dealer for 3 months to get some cables, the local distributor finally came back with a no can do (and it would seem only after i contacted Kudos direct and who responded immediately so good on them)…sorry we only sell em a roll at a time (100-meters)…dealer even offered to prep and terminate…a bit disappointing given the rap they get…oh well, cant say we didnt try.

That’s a shame. Why not get in touch with the excellent Signals Hifi and ask if they would send some to you?

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Contact a UK dealer, most will sell to Australia if you tell them that story.

  • Edit, HH beat me to it.

Australia is such a small market, it’s frustrating sometimes.

Back a few years ago now, I had to get a secondhand NDS from a UK NAIM dealer as sourcing one at a sane price locally was impossible.

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Not sure if they’re active down under…anyway trigger pulled on some chord cables that seem to get good juju from other forum members. Thanks to you good sir and we did try

Assume you’ve been watching the fire sale going on here with the distribution change over

Also, try Cymbiosis as they sell a lot of Kudos KS-1 cable and Peter does travel all over the world setting up systems.



I’m sure they will be fine, but do remember that you can order from U.K. dealers and they can post things. You’ll pay shipping and customs of course, but it can still work out at a reasonable price. I know that Signals and Cymbiosis are very helpful.


Oh yes……

Some insane savings to be had.

Unfortunately I’m still about 2 months away from having the funds to purchase anything.

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Analogue seduction in uk sorted me out for KS1, and they knock off the 20% vat……


The local Kudos distributor certain wasn’t…3 months to get a no…could be an excellent niche market here additional to selling speakers as people are always looking for great cables at not stupid prices

I bought Kudos KS-1 speakers directly from Cymbiosis, just a phone call, and 3 days later (I think), the speaker cables, with the Linn Knekt speaker plugs, appeared on my doorsteps.

I live in one of SF suburbs.

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I tried via my dealer who contacted the local distributor many times which ended up as a no interest situation

Living outside UK. Analogueseduction.


The point being made is that you can deal directly with a U.K. shop, bypassing any local dealer or distributor.

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Yes I now appreciate this is the case…anyway I’ll see how the chord cables go and can re visit as they’re not stupidly over priced…the experience has been average unfortunately

I totally get that.

It’s bizarre that the Aussie Importer has taken on Kudos as a brand.

But isn’t interested in sorting out the cables to supply to local customers that are designed to work with Kudos speakers.

It’s like they only want to sell what’s easy (boxed speakers) and disregard what’s clearly a bit hard to organise.


Truth is I have SF speakers but the forum suggests they’re a great match with Naim and they’re great value too so was really keen to give them a try…

Am I right in thinking that Chord Cables was a company set up by the wife of Naim’s MD, Paul Stephenson?

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Correct, but now Ex Wife.

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Sorry to hear that, as a divorcee myself!