Kudos speaker price rise and deletion

Many small uk firms are at risk since they need to anticipate for export tariffs.

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With a 15 percent increase in price ??

Naim and b&w only increased theirs by 5 %

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So what. They can do what they like and the market will decide.

A few months ago at a Kudos event I was talking to Derek( from Kudos) and he said that the cabling is not from Chord anymore but source from someone else.Maybe that explains the price rise.
I have no experience with Dynaudio so can’t say anything about it,but I did have the B&W 802D2.for a few years.When speakers upgrade came around I had home demo of Kudos 808 ( 1 week) and B&W 800D3 ( 1week).I and the family agreed that the Kudos sounded better and were also over a grand cheaper,so we went for the cheaper ones.

May have been said earlier in the thread but Kudos haven’t raised prices since 2017.

Yes i noticed the website does not mention Chord, but my dealer noticed a new set of 808,s sounded different( slightly) whilst running in. The dealer noticed the supplied speaker links were Audioquest?

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Yikes now they’ll be even more expensive for those of us in North America.

Wonder which ones they were? The cheapest ones are £25 then there are more expensive ones albeit much cheaper than SL or Chord Music.

A not British supplier? But what do we know then? Would be interesting to hear the impact on the sound…

They just sounded slightly different, not in a bad way. Bust just because the jump leads were AQ does not necessarily mean the internal is…one for Derek at Kudos to answer.

Why should they sound bad? Lots of manufacturers change parts/suppliers for certain parts of a product and often nobody will hear the difference. Why should it sound worse. Wouldn’t make sense, as normal you try to make a good product even better over time.

I’ve had the X2 and it was a great little speaker, much as Neat Motive are.
I’d expect Kudos to launch another similar priced solution.

Personally I’d choose Kudos/Neat anyday over Dynaudio/B&W etc…each to their own…

Apparently the manufacturer in the UK that makes the speaker cabinets have increased the price to the extent that they are no longer profitable. So unless Derek decides to source from China etc, maybe the end? Apparently a few manufacturers are having supply problems from China at the moment, not an easy decision, i guess.

China is not the answer to everything. I’m sure there are good woodworkers in the UK who can deliver cabinets for a normal price. I don’t think the the material used for the Kudos cabinets is that exclusive as well.

“…This will be their first increase since March 2018 during which time they have absorbed, as much as possible, increased costs from all their suppliers, including substantial increased costs to materials and transportation.”

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