Kudos speakers price rise 2022

You need to wait until you reach at least 200-300 hrs before you start to make any kind of conclusions. Mine really came on song at 500hrs+
My advice - leave them on a loop at a decent volume, close the door ignore them, and go back to listen in 2 weeks :slight_smile:


And DO NOT buy any cables etc until you reach 500 hrs - I fell into that trap :scream:


My dealer warned me !!

It’s a real rollercoaster. Occasionally they do sound great but then….

I’m around 45-50 hours at the moment. My dealer has promised to come back around the end of April for a listen and play with positioning if necessary.

@Robbo what speaker cable are you using with yours now and what did you try on the way ?

And Robbo has just advised you don’t go there….yet!

Patience…only another 450 hrs to go!

I’m just wondering for when the time comes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You won’t be disappointed. I’ve had mine about a year now. Started off with what have I done to outstanding.

I’ve had 606 for 15 months now and found run in period to be around 300 hours +. Well worth the wait. On cables - I use Kudos KS-1. Marvellous (and the same cable that’s used internally in the Titans) and not a silly price either. See if you can borrow a pair to try at home after run in period.


I tried all sorts - SL, QED, Sarum, KS-1… finally settled on Music. Each one brought strengths and weaknesses, but the Music just brings me closer to the, ahem, music. But they are all good in their own way! I made the mistake of trying to choose during what I realise now was still the run-in period for the speakers. Lot of false conclusions, wasted energy and angst which I could’ve avoided!
Interestingly I nixed Music early on, only to come back around to it. The 808s, contrary to the 606s, started laid back and opened up in the top end and mids with run in. The Music cable seemed to lack some snap initially, but works very well now that the speakers are run in - both Music interconnects and the speaker cable just seem to open the whole bandwidth to let everything through. It is a BIG sound, and this puts the onus on the speakers to deliver their end of the deal, but speakers like the 808 can cope with that wide bandwidth and this really allows them to shine. The system sounds very different with Music - rich, colourful and very life like. As it should for the money.


My 606 are run in now and I’m starting to have the bad idea to try some cables. I currently have Tellurium Q black diamond DIN-DIN and Ultra black II for speaker cable. I’d like to try Kudos KS-1, Witch Hat Phantom and Morgana DIN-DIN. Any experience with Kudos Titan loudspeakers?

Titans are out of my league.
But considering the very in-depth research Kudos does with its internal wiring then why not keep the same cable inside and out.
Not many can do that. :thinking: :+1:t2:

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I’ve had 606 for 15 months and started with WH Phantom. Great cable ……but then I auditioned KS-1 for a week trial at home. I sold the Phantoms and have been using KS-1 for about a year. Prefect match for Titans.


I’ve always wondered how the original Titan 88 perform vs new range.

Does Kudos suggest a minimum length to be used with Naim equipment? My TQ Ultra black II is 2m only but conductors are at almost 5cm distance so inductance should be higher than NACA5 and also 2m may be enough. No issue with my previous 250DR and 300DR now.
Kudos KS-1 is done with a different configuration, a right length may influence the result :thinking:

Not sure what they recommend but I have 2 x 3.5m lengths and it’s wonderful. The demo pair I had on home loan were 5m lengths but I heard no discernible difference with 3.5.

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Don’t overthink it I have 2X 2.5m on my Supernait 3 no stress. :+1:t2:

I was using SL with my 808’s for the first 4 months and found the top end a bit too much. I tried ks-1 and kept it. Interestingly I am now using a Hi-Line after using SL for some years. I also tried Music and found with the Hi-Line the results are just more natural to how I hear in real life. The more exotic cables seem to add emphasis to certain frequencies that makes the sound more impressive for sure but not as natural to my ears. I can imagine as I get older and my hearing degrades I will change my perspective and may want things sharpening up a bit. Right now with my system in my room the ks-1 suits me perfectly but I acknowledge its not quite as sharp as SL/Music but then real life via my ears is not that sharp either…

Cable length is a requirement of Naim power amp, so it’s not really a Kudos issue. The Kudos guys will certainly be aware of the requirements, as they use Naim amps and they are masters of system setup, as anyone who has been to their demos will know.

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I have the T88s. They are wonderful……rich full bass, organic sound which fills my very large room.
They cost me $10,000 US 2 yrs ago. Preloved by fellow forum member.
Never heard 808s, would love to.
I’ve owned speakers from Linn, Piega, Focal.
None compare to the Titans.
Getting 88s in good condition would be a great value.
808s look gorgeous but they are now $35-40,000 afaik.


When I had my KS-1 made up by Cymbiosis they were kind enough to check this with Kudos, who confirmed 3.5m.