Kudos T606 owners

Does the 606 destroy the C20s out of morbid fascination?

I have a pair of C20s.

Oh yes!

Silly of me to ask really !

Out of curiosity, I’m sure the 606 goes down deeper with more detail/ texture. Did you have to place them further away from the wall than the C20s?

Confirm!!!I also had a pair of C20, excellent speakers which I enjoyed very much with SN2 and then 282+250 but 606 is a different story.
No problem with bass boom but consider they need at least 100hours before sing properly. At the beginnin I found them with a woolly sound

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I placed them in the position recommended on Kudos website which was further from the wall.
Saying that original I had them against the wall and they sounded fine to me.

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Thanks for that. My C20s are already about 1.5 feet away from the wall. Every room reacts differently of course.

Good luck! Hope you enjoy them - I seem to be moving in the opposite direction :smiley:

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All Naim: 300DR; 552DR; CD555DR. Fantastic result in a small room.


I currently use Cyrus DacXP +PSX-r, Into Bi amped Cyrus Xpowers in mono plus PSX-r’s. Looking to upgrade amplification at some point possibly to twin Cyrus Mono 300 x. The Cyrus “sound” does seem to suit Kudos.

Will also look at Naim, Hegel and Chord. The key being it does not have to be Naim alone to match the 606’s.

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@PhiltheGeezer. What speakers are you using?

The same as all members in that thread :chicken:

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Kudos Titan 606 :smiley:


Good point. I am glad it’s you I asked.

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