Kudos Titan 505 partnering

I’m planning to upgrade my Spendor D7.2 to Kudos Titan 505.Thinking about upgrading my Supernait2+HiCap DR as well.
Was just wondering if anybody tested Titans with any kind of Valve Amps?
Any impressions/ideas would be much appreciated.

@AlexS I can’t tell you about the Valve AMP’s

but want I can say is the Titan 505 are stunning, all of the Kudos range are easy to drive, personally I would try them with your current set up and then decide

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I don’t think that the Naim Audio Forum is the optimum place to pose this question…

YMMV, as always… :grinning:

My Kudos X3’s work very nicely with my Naim amps.

Oh,sorry so much! Kudos Owners forum does not exist as far as I know.So decided to take a risk and ask that question here.
I’m still going to keep my Naim CD player and nd5xs2 if it helps…

I would keep your SN for the time being, I think you’ll find it a great pairing, then see what you think. You could always ask Derek at Kudos about pairing with valves.




Apologies not needed. Good reply from @LindsayM above - to ask Kudos.

Have you thought about, in the medium term, running the 505 active keeping the SN2? Only read about it but it seems a great way to get active without spending silly monies…

FWIW, when I heard the 707 active, it was just WOW… Much better than Statement pre-amp plus 500 driving a big pair of the usual ones these days… (For the record I don’t have Focal-phobia…)

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Ridiculous number of boxes - that’s what I’m trying to avoid.Even going active with SN2 you would need Nap250DR+HiCapDR+Snaxo.
Besides I’m pretty sure that for these money there are better sounding options out there

Not sure. That active system at the Bristol show with - I think - 606s sounded absolutely sublime. If I was in your position I’d seriously consider that.


I love those who seek advice on a Forum, but then they say they are “pretty sure” about their judgement about something they haven’t heard… Oh well…


Lols. Yes…! If you are so sure - just go buy it. Otherwise… :hear_no_evil:

How good can be if so kudos 505 on Naim 552/500? I can get a good deal for them…is there any experience with a similar match? My current speakers are SL2

I can tell you on my 252/300Dr the T505 are stunning so I can only imagine on 500

the muscial focus, soundstage and drive of the 505 is really quite exceptional accross a wide selection of music

I have not played any music yet that the 505 can’t work with


Ants hi…I’m listening right now to T-505 it sound very good but 552/500dr is two strong for him…There is pressure when i raise the volume…he is better dealing with 250dr or 300dr in my opinion…my electronics needs at least T-808…but sounds is remarkable


After listening longer to T505 I get different conclusion maybe better resolution,but
I prefer to stay with my SL2…although 505 are cleaner maybe more in focus …but the SL2 sound more involving into music and more natural to me …instruments and voice are natural, the mid is bigger and closer to a life shoe…so meantime I will stay with what I have …no reason to change, The grass is not always greener with the neighbor

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What stands are you using?

Neat stands meanwhile,that’s what I had in my house…don’t think it will improve much,too soft comparing to Naim speakers and to my taste,I can understand now why Richard Dane love SL2s…I agree

Do the Titan 505 not have a specific stand that they come with? I imagine this would make quite a large difference…

The 505 has a dedicated stand so you won’t be hearing them at anywhere near there full potential.


I use my pairs with a SN3. They seams to like each other.

Maybe a good start to evaluate from?