Kudos Titan 606 - Endgame speakers!

After many years of trying out various speakers trying to upgrade my trusty Kudos Super 20s - I finally took the leap and ordered the Kudos Titan 606. These showed up in my drive way in two massive boxes about a month ago - along with Tyler - the US distributor for the Kudos range. He’s in shape alrite. Manhandling speakers keeps him fit, I think.

Looking back over the years - I’ve been through a bunch of Totems (Forest, Forest Signature) - PMC 20.23s, 25.23s, Regas, Ovators - oh and Harbeths the tiny ones, the C7s and the monstrous shl5+s.

From the first notes …. hmm - no jaw dropping.

Yeah - they take a little time to pressurize. Something to do with the isobaric design. Never mind.

Yup. These are not the ones that try to impress you with a few cheap tricks. These are all steak - just the right amount of natural sizzle. (Apologies to my vegetarian friends - see - its just an expression - I don’t eat red meat myself - or rather I try not to).

How do I describe these? These pull off one trick. Something that I’ve never seen any other speaker pull off so well. A trick to rule them all.

These sound sweet. Sweet? surely - that’s something the harbeths can do better. Yeah - but they sound sweet at the expense of dynamic range/dyamic swings. And please - don’t mention the Harbeths - those are positively depressing speakers. I always end up in a melancholy mood when I hear them. Those are probably awesome if your electronics suck - but enough of that. This is not about the Harbeths.

Ok - sweet. The PMCs sound sweet too. Yeah! but they were super boring. As my friend Chris Bell said. Two minutes into the 20.26s. Boring speakers move on.

Ah - so - sweet. And engaging. At the same time. Not an easy task.

There’s more.
Sweet sounding. Not harsh. And just enough tension to be supremely engaging.

To me - it’s really not about what the speakers sounds like. It’s more about the emotional impact - and how I feel after I’ve been listening to music. The Harbeths - depressed. The PMCs - or worse - random speakers - several the end of Rega system - downright bored.

These? Super engaging. Addictive even. Can’t move from in front of the speakers. Transfixed. One more song. One more please. Crap! Getting late for work. Again. Screw it. They can wait. It’s not like I’ll be able to leave work before 8PM anyway. Doesn’t matter what time I get in.

Oh yeah - speakers.
Dunno - can’t really say more. Super sweet sounding. Super detailed. No sign of harshness. None whatsoever. These swing! Sweet - but not slow as cold molasses. Nope - blistering fast. Naim fast even. Time like a $$ - dunno - insert your own simili. Or is it metaphor?

Yeah - and here’s the key - Super engaging. Almost as engaging as the Rega RS5s - which were super engaging - most engaging speakers ever - but would get on my nerves within a tune or two.

These - god! Engaging. Sweet. Super Detailed. No harshness. Listenable. And you know what - these get out of the way and you’re just listening to awesome music.

Do these sound real? Do cymbals sound like cymbals? Does a snare drum sound like a snare drum? Does a Trumpet sound like a trumpet. You know - i don’t know and I could care less. Probably. or Probably not. All those instruments certainly sound like they should.

I’m not an audiophile. I like the way music makes me feel.

Running at the end of the ND555/2x555DR PSUs/552/500. End game.

A big shout out to Tyler for being brave enough to carry these in the US. I like to believe I had something to do with it - over the years the one constant in my system were the Kudos Super 20s. Those got better at every upgrade - from SN2 through 282/250 to 552/250 to 552/300 all the way up to 552/500. With all the chop and churn Kudos were one constant. And finally - someone to expertly do a setup.

Oh yeah - gone is the treble spike that sometimes used to annoy me on the super 20s.

Contemplating an upgrade to the Super 20s? Do it. Now. The titans 606s are it. Nope. Forget the PMC Facts. Or the Totem Metals. Earths. Or the other US made ones - the Sasha or the Puppies. Don’t want aliens in the house.

And the finish is a sight to behold. Walnut.

And don’t be shy - try some Ansuz too. Nope. Doesn’t sit on the music. Doesn’t throw the timing off. Stop reading stuff on the forums. And don’t be so neurotic. Just go listen to some music.

I promise to leave a more sensible review at some point over the next few months. :slight_smile:


I’m glad they’re working out so well for you! Maybe I didn’t give them enough time playing to get the bass going, but in any event I’m happy with where I ended up with speakers as well.

Post pics in the show-off-your-system thread if you haven’t already. I want to see them in walnut. And kudos for getting a personal installer to come out there :slight_smile:

At one point you didn’t like the Ansuz distro block. What changed??

It grows on you. The key is whether you can live without it.

Excellent, good to hear this MM, I have always wanted to take a trip to Chicago to visit Tyler’s shop. I want to hear the Kudos 505’s and Dyn Confidence 20’s once he gets a pair in. Did you go demo them at his store, or just order them unheard? I live in Windsor Ontario, so maybe later in the year I will make the trip now.


@NO-QUARTER - I wish I could have gone up. Me and Bart have been planning on visiting Tyler since November/December last year. Just too much going on. I was holding off on placing the order - really thought I’ll listen/compare the 606s vs. the 707s and also the other Scandinavian speakers Tyler carries + Dynaudios. But finally threw in the towel and just bought the 606s blind. I’ve been lucky with his recommendations - and wasn’t disappointed.

There’s just something sweet and beguiling about these speakers. Perfect integration of the tweeter and the woofers.

These are also the upper limit of what I can move around if I ever wanted to. And with little kids - love the rounded edges and no concern about them tipping over.

The sheep is to keep Toy trucks from hitting the speakers. :slight_smile:
The fence to keep prying hands away - although my 2 year old takes the fence as a challenge, not as a suggestion. Luckily - he’s lost interest in trying to pull the fraim balls out.

Oh - 2nd psu on the ND555 is highly recommended.

Big shout out to Bart - he found the 2nd PSU online - and graciously let me make an offer on it. That’s a story for another day!

Wow, seems like all the stars aligned for you. I also want to hear Raidho and Borrenson speakers at Tyler’s, not that I can afford them, well maybe the XT1’s, but it would be nice to hear all these brands in one place before committing to anything. Dynaudio has been my brand of choice for the last 5 years or so, I strayed a couple of times looking for that perfect speaker for me. Nice write up by the way, I get where you are coming from, just wanting the music to sound right is priority one for me.

I’m still keen on visiting his shop. My schedule is pretty rough these days, but spending a Saturday there would be fun. I’d have to fly in Friday evening, out Sunday. But I could make that happen.

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MMky, congrats. Really enjoyed your review and your relaxed, entertaining writing style.

Ehnjoy those 606s!

Mango - wondered where you’d been. As @NigelB says great right up.

Best regards,


Congratulations MMky

The Titan 606s are superb - my listening room would not accommodate 808s, which are probably the only speakers I might ever change them for but only if I move house.

So you took the plunge, when did that happen?

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Yeah they are great. End game speakers depend on room.



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I look forward to your review. I am hoping to demo a pair of 505’s. Looking to move on from my mainstay C20’s that I have had for a long time now. Never tried the Super20’s so I imagine this is a big jump.

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And budget!

Great speakers. Astonishingly fast and a great bass reproduction from isobaric design

Had a back-to-back Tool album session last night and cranked up the volume to (ahem) slightly antisocial levels. My God these are fantastic speakers - truly endgame, as you say.


…over the years the one constant in my system were the Kudos Super 20s. Those got better at every upgrade - from SN2 through 282/250 to 552/250 to 552/300 all the way up to 552/500. With all the chop and churn Kudos were one constant. And finally - someone to expertly do a setup.
Oh yeah - gone is the treble spike that sometimes used to annoy me on the super 20s.

Great write up on the 606s. They’ll certainly be top of my shortlist when I finally get around to replacing my S20s. I’m still impressed with them but I do occasionally get frustrated by the treble spike. Can I ask what speaker cable you were using with the S20s. There seems to be a view amongst some owners that they work best with Chord cables. I’m currently using NAC A5.
Also, amongst the various preamp and power amp upgrades, did any of them manage to reduce (even marginally) the treble spike?

Yes in my opinion after a long home demo the presentation with Chord Odyssey is considerably better than
with Naca A5.

Lindsay, have you heard them with Naim SL speaker cable as well?