Kudos Titan 606 with NAP250Dr

Currently running a system using Focal Elektra 1028be speakers driven by NAP250DR.
The Focals are fairly sensitive (91.5Db) and in general listening I have the volume control (NAC282) at around 9O’clock.

I am considering replacing the Focals with Kudos Titan 606 (and, possibly, the NAC 282 with NAC252 - already have SCDR).

The 606’s are less sensitive (84Db) than the Focals, so I assume I will need to have the volume control higher to get a similar sound level to that at which I run the Focals.

I have read a number of posts that suggest the 250DR can run the 606’s comfortably. Should I be concerned at the the general volume level I use and the general increase that the Titans would require to achieve the same level ?
I dont want to unwittingly damage the 606’s and/or the NAP250DR. For logistical reasons NAP300 is not really feasible.

I have heard the 606s powered by a 250DR on a couple of occasions at dealers/shows, and neither seemed to be under strain.

You might need to turn the volume knob up a wee bit (compared to the Elektras), but that in itself is no problem.

The usual advice though with speakers is to get a home demo if at all possible. As I am sure you know different speakers can perform in different ways depending on the listening room, and how that room is furnished/treated.

Nigel thanks for the response. I will, of course, be arranging for a home demo prior to parting with any hard earned.

I would be interested in your thoughts on the 606s if you get that home demo organised.

Good luck.

Will post something when it happens. Thanks again.

I have Titan 606 with 282+250DR and I have no problem to drive them. My room is about 25mq. Obviously if you give them more they maybe better but really no issue with 250DR. I also hope to move to 252+SCDR shortly

Alan , when I purchased my system several years ago I was using a 250dr with Spendor D7 speakers I did upgrade to a 300dr after a couple of years finally changing the speakers for T606s late last year.

The 250dr should not have any problem driving the 606s whatsoever unless the room is the size of a barn.

Just make sure they are well run in (Mine took ages.) they are fairly room tolerant in fact mine are closer to the back wall than the Spenders were.

I have got 606 and 250DR

Never really go past 9 o’clock and very happy. Can’t say I’ve ever felt they need more juice.

I have the 606 powered by two 250DRs as they are active and no issues. Rarely have the volume knob past nine o’clock. No issues when running one 250DR either.

Kudos are not a hard drive. A 250DR will actually drive the 808s quite comfortably.



On this advertising pic, the 606 are very near big windows. Is it not a problem with glass reflexion?

Kudos work well close to rear walls

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Ok, but thought glass is not like a wall…?

I think that photo was purely for aesthetic reasons as determined by the photographer, don’t think it’s an actual system.


Quite possible if you look the speakers do not have any cables connected ??

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Thanks, all, for the encouraging responses. Will report back once a home demo has been had.

I am just about to get 606 to mate to my 252/SCDR/250DR…will report back. No problem in driving them in the extensive demos I’ve had.
Looking forward to joining the Kudos family after 10 years with PMC.!


Excellent… Will be very interested to hear of your findings.

How did you get on? considering upgrading to my dynaudios to 606s. I like how they look and the fact they can be close to the wall. Haven’t heard them yet though, hard to get a home demo in today’s climate too. :mask: Have 252/300…

I use them with a 252/300 and find them superb and good at low volume mine are 25cm from a rear wall.