Kudos Titan 606

Hi guys,
I know that Kudos Titan 606 are sold with Track Audio spikes. Do you know if also spikes shoes are provided together with the speakers ot they need to be bought separately? Double size are available, the smaller and the bigger

They do not come with any spike shoes.

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Thank you very much for your feedback!
I’m waiting to receive a pair of 606 and I want to purchase the relevant Track Audio spike shoes. Do you know if may be better to take the smaller or the bigger? The spikes are the smaller type while 707/808 use the bigger spikes type, probably the smaller spike shoes may be enough

I would email kudos and ask.

I emailed them recently asking for advice, Derek replied promptly and was very helpful.


Good advice prior to ordering my T606s I spoke to Derek and found him to be very helpful.

Track “ shoes “ come in 3 different variations
The small solid type and two types of large ones
The large ones are “ coupled “ or “ decoupled “
Which ones to use depends more on the type of floor you have.

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Thank you very much!
I have concrete solid floor, I suppose coupled type may be my choice.

Enjoy your 606s, I have a pair and they are very nice.

One question, if you have a concrete floor, why do you want sleets? As the spikes are designed to go into the concrete.

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Thank you for your feedback. Actually I’d like to put spike shoes to improve stability just in case of a slightly clash.
Best Regards

Do you have carpet on the concrete. If so, that will create instability using skeets

My floor is without carpet.

I find even on concrete a “ shoes “ do help and it’s best to try and see if there are gains to be had.
In the old days of “ black spikes “ being softer not so much a issue so much but with the modern stainless steel spikes can cause some nasty things to happen with the high frequencies

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So that would be ‘ The clash of the Titans’ then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Enjoy your new speakers Peter

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My concern with steel spikes and spike shoes is to obtain a too much dry sound. At the moment I have Soundcare superspikes with my Kudos C20 and I prefer them to the original steel spikes since the latter made the sound too much sterile and dry.

Yes those can be very good and very easy to level.
If they work then great but it’s always fun to try different things

My soundcare is M6 but I guess Titan 606 will have M10 minimum. I think may be not available soundcare for 606 series.

When I last phoned Kudos with a question about my super 20A’s …the chap couldn’t have been more helpful…wanted to talk for ages
Later I found it was a bloody premium rate number not inclusive in my phone minutes
Cost a fortune


I just definitely ordered the spike shoes isolation cup (the bigger) without Delrin inserts. I prefer to couple the loudspeakers with the floor without any decoupling. Now I cross my fingers

In the interests of correct information for members, I hope Richard D will allow this as I raised your post with the MD of the manufacturer concerned. This is his reply below and this may well be true for other equipment manufacturers with 0845 numbers. Some retailers use 0333 numbers as then we subsidise your calls to us at local rate BTW. Hopefully they are included in your call plan. :blush:


Hi Pete,

Yeah I saw that, no absolutely not, we do have an 0845 number that links to our land line, this was set up by Simon as a local rate number from anywhere in England, however 0845 numbers are now quite often excluded from call packages like Sky and virgin etc and they quite often skin their customers by hiding what isn’t covered by their standard calls in the small print. Just to be certain we make absolutely nothing from this at all, it’s the callers own phone provider that is scamming them.

Feel free to point that out if you like.




I just got my new Titan 606. They look excellent, very well built. They are running for 10 hours. Do you know how many hours they need before showing their best. At the moment bass response is too much boomy and boxy. May be the 282+250DR which is too punchy for them? Something more neutral may be better?