Kudos Titan 707 why so boxy sound

Hi. Why so much midband?
Why this boxy sound?
At the end of nds-252-300.

I take it you have the speaker cables connected to the right terminals and have the crossover links in ?

Ps - I’m assuming you’re running in passive mode.

Running in passive mode.
Its naca5.
All correct connected.

Maybe its their sound signature?
Its ok if i play loud.
Otherwise i dont hear much bass or treble.
Only midband.
Overpriced piece of #### maybe.

Ok just checking. Did the dealer set them up ?

It could be that your room/floor doesn’t ‘like’ the (isobaric) bass output and if that is compromised, the whole soundscape can be negatively affected. I tried the original Titans at home, as did a couple of other Forum members I know, and we couldn’t get them to perform satisfactorily. In my room on a floating wood floor, they just didn’t ‘hook up’.

All you can do is keep moving them around and ensure the set-up is OK (which appears the case)

Can i ask how old your Titans are?

606s - I couldn’t get the bass to hook up in my room either. I’ve read reviews praising the bass but not in my room. Which left me with all midrange and treble. I tried my best to position them but never got there.

Take it you didn’t audition at home then as your suddenly finding they don’t suit you sir.

I didn’t realise the Titan 707s, and 606s apparently, are so unforgiving of room/floor configuration and construction. Every time I have heard the Titan range at dealers and shows they have sounded rather good and some of these listensing environments have been less than satisfactory. Certainly no lack of bass in my experience. The new soft some tweeter in the Titan range is a little more forgiving than that used in the S20 for example but that is no bad thing and certainly does not make the treble lacking in any way IMV.

If the OP has not already done so, it might be worth getting the dealer round to have a look at the set-up to see if it can be optimised in any way.

I thought they were very easy on the room Nigel, I had no issues with the 707’s when I had them here.

I am guessing they are either cold or poorly set up!

Evening, Mr. Bear,

Not wishing to sidetrack this thread, but I noticed you putting on an appearance on the new forum, and wondered if you might take a moment to glance at my “500 DR v ATC active speakers” thread and let me have your thoughts?



They are not cold.
Playing here 24/7 for three weeks.
40 cm from the wall.
What thread do u mean, Dave?

I haven’t experienced any issues either and they play well at lower volumes, too.

Just goes to show, you really do need to try at home before buying.

Apologies, oldneil, it’s just that I noticed Polar Bear posting on your thread, and was trying to draw his attention to my thread, " 500 DR v ATC active speakers", as I value his advice on speaker choice.


Boxey is certainly not a term that springs to mind.

I’d try them a bit further back towards the wall. My 606’s are around 40 cms out and you could certainly try closer than that. I take it they are rock steady and level and the spikes are at the lowest possible level and suitably tight? I’d also double check the cable dressing.

What are the dimensions of your room and how are the placed at the moment? Also, is it a solid floor, what about the walls?

My room is 4.5 x 8m.
Speakers at the short walls.
Solid floor and walls.
Will try to move them closer.
Thx for helpful answer!

If you can, it might be worth moving them to the longer wall so that they’re firing across the room rather than down the length.

Thanks Dave.
But sorry its not possible in my room.
Try to move em closer to the rear wall now.
See what happen…

Come back in at least three months Neil, Kudos take months to run in, mine were about three months minimum and six months later they are still improving.