Kudos Titan 808 and room size

System is 500. `Titan 808 going into room about 28 by 14 feet in due course but current house listening room is about 23 by 12. Is it worth installing them in current room? I know obvious answer is “listen to them and decide” but they are so heavy I would welcome forum’s views on the 808s in a relatively small room

Talking to the Kudos guys recently they said it was surprising how the 808’s could be used in relatively modest sized rooms. I know they were referring to rooms much smaller than your room.

Have you used this room for music yet? The length being exactly double the width is not ideal, and would be even worse if the height was also a multiple.

Yes and no. Room is being reconfigured significantly but had HDX/202/250/Linn Isobariks some years ago in that room. Sound quality was obviously affected. But it was an odd configuration (room was on 2 levels - one about a foot higher than where I sit). One development will be on one level and the space more open

You could always drop Derek from Kudos a line? If like the rest of the range they can work quite close together and near to rear wall so they should sound pretty good, so go for it!

Thats more than enough room for them to work in. However, get them in, let them settle down and see how the sound compares

Thanks everyone - very helpful. Looking forward to trying them out. May need a personal trainer get me fit enough to move them!

Really not that difficult to move around. The two box design divides up the mass pretty well. Spend some time getting the lower cabinet level and then it is fairly easy to mount the upper cabinet.
Your room size should be fine. I have found that the 808’s can be placed closer to front wall than the previous T-88’s without detriment. Mine are at 18 " . Previous T-88’s were at 24". As always, the room will dictate but the 808’s are fairly benign to placement. Very happy with the 808’s- great speaker and a very significant step up from the T-88’s.

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I was at the acoustica active kudos dem a couple of weeks ago - Derek commented that the 808s are the least fussy of the range re placement. I have also been told at previous dems and on here that the 808s work much better than one might expect in a relatively small room. Think they would look a bit big compared to my SL2s though

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Thanks Tim


SL2s blend into rooms really well IMO since they back on to the rear wall. Really starting to appreciate just how good they are now…

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Have you demo’d them already?
If not, I can also encourage you to do so. I’ve heard them in a few different rooms so far from rather small (3x4m), a few mid sized rooms to very large. If you spend some time, to find the right position, you’ll be amazed how well they can sound also in a rather small room.

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I bought them. They are the final step in a journey from a 202 - old 250 to the 500 system with the Titan 808s. They are large but beautiful. Tineo finish and craftsmanship is superb. Early days as to the sound but already better than the 606s they replaced. Bass informs the listener more. The sound, as you would expect, is bigger. That is not to disparage the 606s. They are a fantastic speaker with incredible pace. The 808s, I was told and read, need about 300 hours to give of their best. That’s a long time but having recently semi-retired it should not take too long and will be a very pleasurable time to go through.


Congrats pumpexch!
As they open up a bit their neutral and very linear disposition should become very clear…great speakers :slight_smile:

Well just 12 1/2 days playing 24/7 :wink:

Look forward to hearing how you get in with the 808s. They might have launched the 80000008s by the time I can afford a pair :grin:

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It’s one of the few plus points about getting older - a bit more cash and an awareness of what really matters to you. That and having more freedom to do what you want to do. Frustratingly, I flew to Mallorca to MOT a beaten up old Seat the day after the 808s arrived and I am here for several more days. I am looking forward to getting home and putting some mileage on them. Thanks to all the Forum contributors who have raised a smile on my face!


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