Kudos Titan 808 will stay

One of the most obvious upgrades to my ears: Kudos Titan 707 replaced by 808. They will definitely stay! Even straight out of their packing carton they sound so good compared to the 707s, which I liked a lot after a run-in time of several months.


How far are they from the back wall?

39 cm from back wall to back of speakers, very slight toeing in…

Ta. People have said to me 808s need to be out a fair way but they didn’t look far out in your picture

39 cm at the moment - I wanted to start where the 707s have been standing. The speakers are playing for 5 hours now, so it´s way too early to decide definitive placement.
The room they are standing in is open in two places - a stairway and an open passage. So maybe a lot of energy is dissipating, which makes a closer placement to the wall beneficial.

I’m just astonished how good they sound stone cold.

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Excellent. Am not looking for new speakers at all (only had the SL2s a year and see no reason to consider changing them for many years yet) but have heard kudos 505s and 808s and liked them more than other speakers I have heard. Am just keen to keep up to date with them and learn what I can

Great story Tim :wink: let us know if it works, off to the Signals Kudos demo show soon…i might need a better story :shushing_face:

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:joy: jus’ lookin’ as they say! Off to the Kudos show at acoustica in September


Joel, would u be able to describe what u like about the way the 808’s sound?

Actually everything at the moment, and that’s why I’m so astonished. Having upgraded my hifi over 25 years I didn’t expect that changing the speaker from 707 to 808 makes such a difference.
But then I only know DBLs active at this speaker-level. So I think for this financial layout there should be several very good speakers out there. I always thought source first…500 series
To answer your question, for me bass extension and bass control are superb in my room - funnily bass was too prominent with the 707 for my taste, now it´s just right.
They do all the things so well, that you forget about hifi. Smoothness and slam, transparency, scale, very revealing, separation of instruments, timbre of acoustic guitars…the whole speaker disappears and leaves the music for you to enjoy.
I think you get it…I´m delighted…

My room suffers from this, and I’ve been told that it prevents the room from being “energized” (pressurized) especially by the bass frequencies. I believe that it certainly impacts optimal placement, but I’d be loathe to conclude that per se closer to the wall will be better.

The two tone Fraim rack looks nice. Good idea!

Your negotiating power just disappeared :wink:. I like mines also.

I have the T88s- which I love.
Can only imagine how good the 808s sound
I drive mine with “just” 52/135s.
Enjoy, david


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