Kudos Titan T88s/808 question

I have T88s but can possibly extrapolate to 808s:
Who connects speaker cable to top box vs lower box?
What difference between the 2 connections in terms of sound?
I understand that Derek of Kudos recommends connecting to bass cabinet. I seem to prefer upper cabinet (treble/midrange).
In my current state of boredom was wondering what other Titan owners prefer and why.
Seems that my wife doesn’t want to discuss this…:smirk:



My dealer recommended connecting my 808s to the top box. Some people hereabouts prefer the other way and some even a diagonal arrangement. It costs nothing to try and find what works best for you. I did try connecting to the bottom box but went back to the top as originally installed as the sound seemed to connect better with me that way around, more involving. Another thing to consider is what cable people are using as jumpers, I use A5 again recommended by my dealer rather than the supplied Chord links.

Thanks Michael. I still use the supplied Chord links.
Intuitively one would think it better to take speaker cable to the midrange/tweeter box since that’s where the bulk of the music is.
I guess I’ll try switching again but last time with lower box connected I felt the bass was overly prominent.
Well I’ve got plenty of time so … if I can just get up off this couch


Hi David!
I‘m running my 808 in active mode, but my dealer told me that he prefers the diagonal connection for a passive setup.
Try it and let us know what is your recommendation.

I have my speaker cables connected to the top box of my T88s and prefer the sound (more transparent/open to my ears). I too have replaced the supplied Chord jumpers with NACA5 having read a review by Signals ( https://www.signals.uk.com/blog/but-dont-call-me-bob-welcome-to-the-new-kudos/). Again a worthwhile improvement I think…

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Yes, prefer connection to the top. I had NACA jumpers on my T88s but changed to the Vertere equivalent to Super Lumina, which were better. Kept these when moving to 808s. They are very similar to SL, otherwise would’ve changed to SL jumpers to match the cables.


Afternoon all,

I’m still using the cables that came with the 808’s. Can I respectfully request that you expand your thoughts on other types of cables and what you would recommend ?

This has captured my imagination after swapping my speaker cables to the top section instead of the bass section of the speaker…who’d of thought!!!

Dusty, what difference did u hear switching to top box?

Hi David,

Cleaner presentation, more of the 3D Naim sound. Where will it all end. Worth a try. I was surprised by the improvement. Try it and and let me know?

Where’s Darkebear when you need him, he’s so much better at the audio words than me!!

PB is the most persuasive advocate of T808s IMO…

I’ve been using it on the top box from when I got my Titans (T88s).
Tried bottom box briefly just not as good. Maybe too much bass?
I’m still using the supplied Chord jumpers.
Great loudspeakers.

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I just give an honest opinion and I have been lucky to be able to hear so many pairs of Kudos Titans. I was impressed with Derek’s prototype of the very first T88’s and I always said I would end up with a pair.

Mine are connected through the lower bass units and remain pretty much the same as when Peter first installed them. I have the stock Kudos links between upper and lower units and I have both speakers well out into the room with plenty of space round them.

They just sit and play music. I get so much enjoyment out of them that I haven’t really considered changing anything but I follow these threads with interest as if I feel there is anything worth investigating, I will. My next step will be a pair of Kudos speaker cables when this lockdown is lifted as I was very impressed with them,

Kind regards


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Neil which Vertere links did you get? There are three different types ranging from £150 up to £1500! I am using NACA5 links at the moment but my main cables are Super Lumina connected to the top box.

I have had both Naca 5 and the new Kudos speaker cable and I found the Naca 5 just sat on the sound a little. The Kudos cable just had more life about it.

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Interesting to hear Nigel. Naca 5 still remains in use with my Titans (from the original first batch of 5) connected to the top box with the original supplied Chord links. As a matter of fact I believe you have heard my very exact pair as well :wink:

I recently asked Varyat (who has a pair from the same first batch) about his experiences with speaker cable as he was over in the UK several years ago and spent an afternoon at Peters demoing both Super Lumina and Chord Sarum. His comments to me back then as well as recently was to remain with Naca. He does not like SuperLumina and he felt that Chord Sarum was too expensive and not convincing enough for him to take out his wallet. I mentioned a post you made a few weeks ago about ordering the new Kudos cable. I will be very interested to hear more of your findings once it arrives.

In the meanwhile my 552/500 are with Chris West for recap and DR services. I might have him make up some Naca 5 jumpers and throw them in the box with their return. Similar to a posting from Signals listed above another prior forum member with original Titans (JN) also spoke highly of using Naca to replace the supplied jumpers.

Do the new version of jumpers still use the same Chord as the originals or has that changed?


Evening Greg,

I was fortunate enough to hear your Titans before they were shipped to you. I recall how good they sound.

I believe the original Chord cable used with the Titans is no longer bailable and the current cable is a newer cable, I can’t recall what it is called.

It’s interesting to hear Marks view on the Naim Super Lumina, I have heard it a few times and I have never been convinced it’s worth the additional investment. I would need two runs of 8m and that’s expensive IMO. I have had other cables and apart from the Kudos cable, nothing apart from Vertere hand built speaker cable would be a suitable improvement over the Naca. However the Vertere cable makes the Super Lumina look cheap

I haven’t ordered the new Kudos Cable as of yet, the lockdown has kind of got in the way, however I am sure I will get round to it when life gets back to some kind of normality.

As and when you get the Naim boxes back from service, I would love to hear what you make of the differences, a service for all my Naim boxes will be due soon,

Kind regards


I may be wrong, but speaking to Derek, the reasoning behind the Kudos cables was that Chord’s ongoing product development made it difficult for Kudos to remain consistent with their performance expectations. Any change to Chord’s “formulation” via a genuine product enhancement meant that he (Derek) couldn’t rely upon a consistent sound for his speakers. The earlier Chord links should therefore be fine, certainly their inclusion is more predictable than replacing them with NACA5.

Likewise due to the Naim shutdown I do not anticipate seeing my boxes back in the near future. My understanding is the 552 recap and DR is complete while the 500 is still waiting for the DR boards to be shipped by Naim.

For now I am remaining with Naca - but looking forward to your reports once you have the chance to live with the new Kudos cable.


Hi guys,

I do not have a pair of T88 or T808. Am using a pair of C20 for some years. Had tried several speaker cables, namely NACA5, Vertere, Tellurium but ended with Studio Connections Black Star. Cannot recall which range within Tellurium and Vertere I’d tried, but they were from the upper range.

The Studio Connections Black Star aren’t cheap too. I have a small room, hence a short 2.5m suffice.

I still have my NACA5 kept in my store and find it very good performance for its price.

Then Kudos do not have their speaker cable.

Just to share as I noticed speaker cables have been much talked. Studio Connections cables are suitable for Naim equipments.

Stay safe!

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