Kudos vs Focal vc PMC

I know this topic is rather cliché and the subject of which speaker is better does depend on the listener however wanted to get people’s opinions on what do they think would be better from the following:

Kudos Titan 606
Focal Sopra 2
PMC twenty5 26

Being driven by a Nova.

Speakers are a personal choice so it will be the one you like the best in your room and system .

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And what power amp they have driving them. Wrong amp, and even the best speakers will sound poor. Personally I have found that a decent power amp can make cheap speakers sign and very very acceptable.

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Ah yes, sorry, forgot to add that info at first. I have ammended the original post now. The amp would be a Nova

Ummm. You’d have to try the Nova with those speakers. My first thoughts would be that the Novas amp may struggle. Don’t know, never heard a nova. But my PMC 20.26s are fed with 350w/Ch RMS.

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For a few years a while ago, many UK dealers had a bundled deal for the Naim Superuniti with the Focal Electra be 1028 together. This system was highly regarded by reviewers and I think was popular with buyers.
As the Nova and the Sopra 2 are both updated versions, as an observation they could be a good combo.

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At the Bristol show last year Kudos demonstrated the 505s with a Nova and apparently it sounded superb. Similarly I don’t think the 606s would be too demanding. I’ve heard the Sopra 2s with a NDX/SN and similarly was very good. I can’t speak for PMCs.

Kudos generally aren’t fussy about room placement but the crucial issue is which of the 3 will work best in your environment. Ideally a home demonstration is essential.



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I used to use my Pmc 25.26 with a Nova, sounded really good, but you need to demo.


I have not had a chance to try the Kudos or PMC models, however i did ry the Spora 2, and know that this is a speaker that loves power. In fact when HIFInews did a review, it was highlighted that this speaker has dips of low impedance… so while I suspect that these speakers can work with a Nova, my thought are that you would need at least something like a NAP250 to get the best out of this speaker

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The reason I have included the PMCs is because I can get the 25 26 brand new for £5.2k which is a rather good price.

Yep, they are about £8k these days, great price, good speaker, still enjoying mine in a 500 series system…so they can and will grow with the system if you upgrade.

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I feel the Nova is not enough to fully wake up and open the speakers mentioned above.
282/250 level would be more appropriate.
Or Focal Sopra 1, Kudos 505…would pair a Nova better. IMHO.


Indeed, and I heard the Kudos 505/Nova combo, fed by a Core I think, at the Bristol Show although it was at least a couple of years ago.

I was extremely impressed, and the Nova was not out of its depth with the 505s, so I would suspect it would drive the 606s equally well. A demo would…err…demonstrate this.

Room of that year for me.


How good other people find any speaker, and how you respond to them are two different things. You have to hear and decide. If home demo is not possible or not easy and the sellers aren’t Naim dealers take your Nova to audition first in their premises - it won’t tell you exactly what they’ll sound like at home but it will give you a flavour and let you have a feel for how they behave with Nova. If you’re doing that and have some speakers already, take those to hear as well, giving you a baseline in the seller’s room


My experience has been that many speakers don’t deliver their best unless there is a decent amp behind them. Ok. Perhaps that is because I like to feel as well as hear the bass. But only if it’s there. I ran my PMC 20.23s with s smaller amp, and they sounded ok. But I needed a REL sub to help things along. A power amp change, and then an upgrade transformed the sound. Genuinely hearing and felling bass for the first time. To the point I sold the REL.
And when I got the chance to trade the 20.23s for the 20.26s the change was not as great as I thought/ expected. The work was being delivered mainly by the power amp. And yes. I can listen at silly sound levels, but the differences can be heard at low volumes too.

So, you may be happy with the Nova driving any of these speakers. But you may well be happier by having the Nova drive a NAP into smaller speakers more.



( PMC for me)

It also depends on future plans, if any. If the future is likely to allow for a better amp before too many years, then even if not perfect now, if the speakers Sound good to you and under sufficient control to not wallow around unpleasantly, then you can enjoy them now and even more so on that future amp upgrade. Lesser speakers and you’re stuck with their limitation in sound quality even if driven as well as they can be with wonderful amp, and you’d only get the sound you want when later changing the speakers. (Different of course if the lesser speakers are the sound you want.)


Hi @iliria,

in all honesty, isn’t that a bit of an unbalanced system? The speakers you mention are some very « serious » ones that will really shine with a top-performant system. The Nova is excellent but I doubt whether it does justice to i.e. Sopras. Shouldn’t you rather combine the Nova with speakers like Focal Kanta? Unless of course you consider to replace the Nova on the long term with separates.

I fully agree!

My inclination is ‘source first’ rather than ‘speakers first’. I also agree that power amp and speakers must be carefully matched. But hearing the Nova driving the 505s that day at the Bristol Show was a revelation.

So my rationale for suggesting a demo of the Nova and the 606s is based on what I heard that day and an assumption that the OP might gravitate to Naim separates, where the 606s will serve him well.

If this is not the long term plan then the 606s might be a step too far if the plan is to retain his Nova.