Kudos vs Focal vc PMC

I think the 606 uses the same tweeter and cone as the 505 so should be ok based on your hearing them shine at the show with a nova.

I can’t really get my 606s above 9 ocklock on the SN2 dial as they go way loud.

Sound great at low volumes and can be placed 200mm close to the rear wall no problems

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Last week I sold my PMC Twenty5.26 and bought Kudos Titan 606…so guess what I’m going to advise?:joy:… summary = the hype is true

Driving them with 252/250. Loosening up nicely


I would have considered the Kanta line but unfortunately I do not like those speakers visually.

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Let’s just cut this only source first nonsense. Of course everything else being = a 252/300 is going to deliver a greater musical experience than a Uniti but if for whatever reason the user chooses a one box solution then he/she should optimize with the best possible speakers suited to the environment. If the Titan 606s or Sopra 2s meet that requirement it would be ludicrous to suggest using a lesser speaker because “it could be unbalanced”.

And to back up the Nova/505 experience a while back I went to a demo of the Linn Selekt with the 505s and guess what - it was excellent.


TBH it has taken me a long time to reduce the box count to 3 (amp/TT/CD) and it is absolute bliss. The CD might go as well which would make it even better. And I also love the Nova both in terms of design and functionality. Hence why I am hoping to keep it at a minimum. I am weary of getting a 250 DR since that’s another 2 boxes added.

However, if the Nova can be used as a preamp I might in the future be persuaded to get a 250DR. I will have to test whichever speakers I go for with the Nova and the 250DR first to see if the difference is substantial.

Obviously, I will try and test before I buy and I know that it is an individual experience but just wanted to get people’s opinions as well. I feel that sometimes Nova is rather underestimated even though it is capable of performing really good.

In regards to the speakers I tend to be quite fussy about their looks. If I am going to buy £10k speakers they will be endgame for me and I dont intend to change them for a decade or two (assuming they dont die naturally).

Out of the three speakers mentioned I like the PMC the least visually however the fact that they are currently half the price of the others and they come with a 20 year warranty attracted me to them.


Must be a sweet combo indeed.
Although the price of the Titans… :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Hi Iliria,
During a Naim factory visit, we were given a demo of the then new Uniti Atom, Star and Nova with the Sopra 1 stand mount.

The Atom and Star weren’t really up to driving such a high calibre speaker but the Nova seemed to do a great job of driving the Sopra 1.

If, as I expect, the Nova just can’t control the substantial extra bass of the Sopra 2, may I suggest trying the Sopra 1. I thought that the Nova and Sopra 1 pairing worked very well.

Hope this helps, BF

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I am another who does not subscribe to the ‘source first’ mantra - in my experience speakers are the key component in terms of character and hence enjoyment of a system, and to get speakers that you really love is a major contribution to system satisfaction, though the amp has to be of sufficient capability for the speakers not to wallow around with flabby bass, so it could be detrimental to enjoyment to get the very best speakers with the cheapest possible amp. I indicated previously I don’t know the Nova, but whilst I think it is highly likely that a better amp would make good speakers sound better, from what I have read the Nova’s power amp is no slouch, on which basis I doubt it would disgrace itself. Any future improvement of amp or source would simply allow the speakers to shine more.

Personally I find transmission line speakers better in the bass than any other design I have heard, so if it were me I’d want to at least hear the PMC. If your budget is up to the £10k you mention, there are higher level PMC speakers that can be had secondhand within that limit, and there need be nothing negative with secondhand.


+1 for speakers first. Having a pair of large 3 way speakers has completely changed my listening experience. Lower distortion, dynamics and deep bass at low volumes, and I can play loud if I want and it holds together.
No amp or source can solve the problem of small drivers trying to play clear mids and deep lows at the same time.


No way how to give you objective answer…it’s a personal taste with different rooms…best way is to listen by yourself

Speakers are very personal and you have to consider what your future expansion plans are. Underdriven speakers lack punch, involvement and musicality. Their basic capabilities and cost are nullified out. I have heard some lovely matched systems at reasonable prices, and some expensive overblown lemons where the sum of the parts does not give the magic. Room matching is absolutely critical too. A big system in a small room is problematic, but if you enjoy moving the speakers around by millimetres each time chasing audio nirvana then you can combine the hifi with your keep fit routine.
My advice? Listen to everything at home and trust your own ears over everything else. It’s your money!

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Having recently gone from Supernait2 to 282/250DR I would definitely say that the Nova isn’t enough to deliver what the PMC 25,26’s need to open up.

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Interestingly the official Naim dealer here in Thailand markets the Kanta 2 and Uniti Star as a matched system.

Would that dealer happen to be Mullets’r’Us by any chance?

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Very good Nigel, but have you heard the pairing in question?

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Not with you squire! (As in, not sure what you mean…)

IIRC @Naim.Marketing uses Nova and Kanta No. 2 as second system?

There isn’t a branch local to me.

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Well remembered! Yes, the Nova and Kanta 2 makes a superb system, sonically and visually. And the speakers will flourish further still as/when we want to add more power…
I haven’t heard them with the Star, though have enjoyed the Star with Arias and even Kanta 1…

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