Kudos X2 or something else?

I have recently bought a NAP 200 and 172 XS streamer/pre amp. I currently have them paired with my 30 yr old B&W CDM2 stand mounted speakers. Already I can hear more out of my music but was looking for some newer floorstanders to improve the sound. I have seen a few posts about the Kudos X2 and was wondering if they were worth tracking down, or should I set my sights on something newer. My budget is fairly limited unfortunately (£1000 max)

I’ve had my Kudos X2’s for about 10 years and they have grown with my system. I started with CDX2 and Nait 5i and they are now fronted by a high spec LP12 or CDX2/XPS and 282/250DR. They perform brilliantly at low level listening, thay are visually unimposing and work well with all the music I throw at them.
I’m currently looking to change them, only because I had the misfortune to listen to some T808’s and there just isn’t any going back. I had some S20’s on home demo, but they were a bit bright and the bass boomed a bit due to wall and corner proximity. Slotting the X2’ back into place, its clear how well they work with less than ideal positioning and they still sound glorious…its just that I’ve heard what big expensive speakers can do for detail and soundstage when suitable source equipment and higher spec amps are available. For me, unless a pair of Titan T88’s become available at my dealer, I’m likely to go for PMC Fact 8’s. Unless I jump to that level, I don’t think its worth it.
In short, with a £1000 budget you will easily get some mint X2’s from a dealer, and they will be happy to let you listen to them before buying.

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If possible go hear them yourself.
Also Neat Motive are very much similar philosophy and within budget.
Very compact with a huge sound, Neat Iota Alpha.

OTOH, 30 years old may not be a bad thing, I can think of many vintage speakers which are not really surpassed by today’s standard apart from prices.

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Rega RX3 or RX5s might be worth exploring, they work well with Naim amps and can be found for a good price secondhand.

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Or Kudos X3’s… I did… :sunglasses:

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Thank for people responding. Dropped on some X2s and now up and running. They sound great but not a massive upgrade. The bass is deeper and more controlled with it more noticeable at lower volume.
Any suggestions for reasonable speaker cable? I only have some old Audioquest F14 now and probably outdated.

Great to hear of your X2s. Lovely speakers. I think Naim NACA5 cables will give you what you want from your NAP200.



Linn K20 - almost Naim NACA4…

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With Kudos seek out some 2nd hand Chord Odyssey.

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Kudos KS-1 cable is the match. Typically £30 a metre.



Naim NACA4 here, driving my X3’s. A4 was £1 per meter, originally… back in 1982. I think it was’new’ then…? (possibly the best £16 I ever spent…)

For comparison, I believe K20 is now around £5 per meter.
Naim A5 was £35 per metre, in Feb 2020.

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