Kudos X3 amp match

Hi all,
I’m a super happy owner of a quite simple system:
Thorens TD 125 equipped with a SME 3009 and DL103 cart
PrePhono is a Graham slee accession MC
My digital source is a Cambridge CXC CD transport which goes into a Border Patrol DAC (just lovely),
all connected to a Naim Superuniti which serves as an integrated and provides streaming.
Speakers are Kudos X3.
Now, as I said I’m overall satisfied with all I have, but (there’s always something to complain, ah!) I do sometimes feel Naim to make things sound a bit artificial.
I know I could move on from SU to bettter amp, but I recently auditioned SN3 connected to Harbeth and Graham speakers and I had the very same feeling.
Especially with classical music, there’s to much energy in the bass zone (do not think it’s room’s fault ‘cause both mine and the one in which I auditioned the SN3 are well treated and it’s not a boomy effect), I mean… orchestra does not sound that grunty and roaring.
Does anyone of you share the same feeling?
Any suggestion about a good amp to match Kudos?
Thank you all,

Very happy Kudos X3 and Supernait 3 owner here.
I’m delighted and can’t think of needing more I have a super deep and controlled bass with sweet mids and no top end sibilance it’s a match made in heaven.
It’s a shame they no longer make the X3s there are so many going to miss out and it makes recommendations a bit thin on the ground as there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of owners.
I’m perfectly happy with my pairing and can only highly recommend. :+1:t2:

I understand what your saying. It is the primary reason I moved from Naim. Not sure of your budget but if your can demo an Aavik give them a try. I think it will give you all you need and they have several levels available. I have the I-280 matched with Kudos 606 and it sounds wonderful.

Have you compared Kudos X3 to any other speakers?

Yes many different models Kef, Spendor, Harbeth, Linn etc
And any of the previous ones I’ve owned.
For my system they fit like a jigsaw piece.
They can be very dynamic if wound up and also very detailed and intimate at low levels they don’t seem to fizzle out at low levels the depth is still there.
In my opinion the X2s and X3s must have been discontinued as being too good for the price and hurting sales of their more prestigious offerings.

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I have Kudos X3’s, driven by a Naim 82/250. Works very well…IMO… :expressionless:

Maybe its unfair to compare things with a 250…? But, its what I have owned since 1985 - and its driven Linn Kans, Royd Doublets and now Kudos X3’s.

Actually are a bit expansive… I would love to stay in the price range of the kudos, that makes sense to me. Searching for something around 3/4k euros

The issue Is not about the refinement or ability to drive the speakers. I’m almost sure It has to do with the Sonic features of Naim in general, which I generally love, but also assume is not my Cup of tea when playing classical music. From being a pros the extra punch turns to be a cons.

It which case, it seems that you know what the answer is then…?

OK, so go with what you think.

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