Kudos X3 - Worthwhile upgrade over KEF LS50 + 2 rel subs

Hi All,

I am considering Kudos X3 as an upgrade over KEF Ls50 and 2 rel 5ti subs.

I am hoping to get rid of subs due to lack of space. However I would like to achieve improvement over the soundstage and overall tonal balance, i.e. LS50 have to much midrange in a combination with Naim.

My amp is XS3.

Has anybody have experience with
Kudos X3 and would be able to advise if this would be a good move ?

Supernait 3 user here with Kudos X3s
I love them and there is no need for any sub support.
I have tons of punch and slam when required and believe any more would start to get too much.
I can’t recommend this combination highly enough X3s are a real bargain.
9oclock on the volume dial is great boogie level.
Not that I’m biased but really. :+1:t2: :ok_hand:t2:

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Thanks for the response.
How big is your room?

Old money measure but 13 feet deep 15 feet wide and 9foot high ceiling.
I’d never use a sub with these. :+1:t2:
Your profile says Focal Aria 906 :thinking:

Thanks. My room is almost twice the size but might buy the X3s just to experiment.
I had Arias but these are long gone

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Oh that’s interesting I have the 906s but am currently looking at my options

I have Kudos X3’s - but with an 82/250.

They work for me… :grinning:

Has anybody have any experiance on how X3 compare with LS50s? Another option to replace current set up would be Neat SX1. It’s difficult to demo both x3 and sx1 in Poland so I would need to buy the speakers before listening to them.

I’ve demoed PMC 25.23 and Spendor A4 and prefer the latter but these are crazy expensive nowadays…

Ls50 and X3s are worlds apart.
X3s were about £2500 and are floorstanders no sub required.

What about the sound signature? Do you have any experiance?

The X3s are very deep and detailed with good weight and I have them.
It’s difficult to know what you want everyone is different.
Your first question was to get rid of subs and I don’t need any.
They’re a very different type of speaker.

It’s very interesting choice of X3 against LS50s. The phrase chalk and cheese springs to mind. I own a pair of LS50s powered by an Atom as my second system. Detailed but very listenable.
I will state right now I don’t like Kudos speakers. I find them way too bright for my taste. I auditioned them in my search for my main system speakers and realised they weren’t for me. I think you really ought to audition some against the KEFs, they are totally a different presentation.

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