Kudos X3's

As I am now the proud owner of a pair of X3’s, I thought I should ask - are there any other owners of Kudos X3’s - or X2’s - out there is NaimForumLand…?

Very pleased with my pre-loved pair - thank you @Cymbiosis - :grin:


Congrats about your new speakers. Didn’t you used to have SBLs? How are you finding the new boys?

I don’t have any experience of the X3s but once had the X2s here on home dem and found much to like.


Err… No - no SBL’s ever here… :thinking: What I had previously, were Royd Doublets, which I had had since 1999. I thought I should update a little…!! The X3’s were suggested to me, by @Cymbiosis, as being suitable for close-to-the-wall installation. And they happened to have a pre-loved pair, just in…!

The X3’s seem to work well, to me. Very pleased with them, so far… :grin:


what do you think of the X3’s tweeter?

@Rushboy - I don’t think its possible to comment on a particular Tweeter in isolation… :thinking:

I presume you have a view, here…?

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sorry I meant does the treble sound rather hard or warm and round?

Again, in my view its not possible to answer this question, meaningfully. And I will not try.

Overall, I find the Kudos X3’s to be excellent speakers. Shame they are no longer being made.

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I have a pair of X3’s in a second system paired with my Atom.
I think the pairing outperforms the price level !!
I will also add that I don’t find the treble at all harsh, nor dull.

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I have a pair of X2s run by a SuperUniti. I’m very very happy with the sound considering how compact and family friendly they are. Had a pair of KEF LS50s before, which were great, but I found the Kudos are ahead of the KEFs, especially in the bass, as they should be, being a floorstand.


At last - someone who has - and loves - X3’s…!!! Thank you @Blythe.

And thank you to @DomTomLondon, with X2’s - the X3’s baby brother.

There must be more out there, Shirley…? :smile:

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It’s a shame Kudos discontinued the X range. It’ll be interesting to see if Kudos revisit the high quality, small floor stander end of the market again in future. Enjoy your new speakers Ian.

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@james_n - Thank you. I was told by @Cymbiosis - that Kudos stopped the X’s because of the success of their Titan range…?


That’s good that the Titan range is selling well. Lovely kit.

Yes - and No. If its true - that the relatively affordable X Series was discontinued, because the very expensive Titan series sold well - then its a shame… :neutral_face:

I see what you mean Ian. It was more that it’s good that Kudos remain a successful small UK speaker manufacturer. I think supplier costs had gone up (and not been passed on) and a price rise on the X series would have made them uncompetitive. IIRC correctly they were quite pricey (small volume, high quality drivers and cabinets) up against the usual suspects. Perhaps there will be a Titan 404.


I understand that Kudos are a very small company - ? :thinking:

I guess I am a HiFi Socialist - !! I would rather companies make more affordable products - and not just ‘high end’ stuff. But, I suspect that the costs of operating a business in the UK, mean that many affordable products must inevitably be ‘off shored’, to some degree. Which is sad… :neutral_face:


I’m a long term X2 owner, and don’t call me Shirley :rofl:.

I started out with a CDX2 and Nait 5i and now have a 282/250DR combo. The little X2’s keep on amazing me with their depth and detail. It would take a pair of T606’s or T88’s to get me to change.


Lols… :rofl:

Well my ‘new to me’ X3’s are on the end of an 82/140 currently. The 140 is just serviced, so running it in. Normally, there would be a 250… :slightly_smiling_face:

I also have a pair of Kudos X3 in my second system with a SuperUnity: very nice speakers indeed!
congrats IanRobertM!

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Thank you @Arnaud - appreciated…!!

Mine are in my 1st - and only - system… :grin:

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