Lack of Bass in Atom

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I have recently purchased Uniti Atom and Paired with B&W 606. I feel lack bass in my system. Mid and High frequencies are very well detailed and clean. I am getting enough bass in my unitiqute 2 with same B&W 606 Speaker. Bass is very good in unitiqute 2 compared to Atom.

I’m thinking of trying my Atom with Kef LS50. Will i get better bass performance? Or shall I try sub? Anybody tried sub with Atom?

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I have a Star with Kef LS50 which are great speakers BUT I also have a Rel T5i as I feel, although superb, the Kefs don’t have enough of a bottom end for me. With the Rel though I think the whole setup is superb.

Thanks for the info…! May I know how you connected REL to star? Star has sub output?

The recommended way is from the speakers using the hi level input on the Rel. I haven’t got around to doing that so simply use the left hand pre amp out channel into the low level input on the Rel. I know that’s supposed to be not so good but I honestLy can’t tell the difference from when the Kefs and the Rel were connected to my main amp in my main system using the hi level input.

The Rel comes with the requisite hi level input cable to run from the speaker terminals

Just hope the bass player is not on the right channel…

Don’t worry I raise the right side of the Star so the the bass slides to the left. :grinning:

It’s not easy to set up a sub to work convincingly with small speakers and very easy to get it wrong. I presume you have played with obvious things like moving your speakers closer to the rear wall, so I’d be looking for new speakers.

I have an Atom with tiny Neat Iota speakers. This setup works well but bass is certainly limited. This is fine for me as the system is in installed in my very small office. But Neat make a small (knee high) floor-standing version called the Alpha with significantly improved bass response. Combining this with the Atom is a tried and tested and combination.


Have a pair of KEF R3s connected to Atom but via Nap 200.Have set up a REL quake sub woofer as an experiment ( sub used for my old A.V. system long discarded ) and have found that the sound is a little “off “ regarding matching up with the Kefs ,occasionally switch it on when listening to old vinyl ( progressive rock )which is a little light in the recordings.Obviously the quake is a little old in the tooth so you will may have to just experiment with more modern subs .

I also have Atom via Nap 200. How do you connect a sub to the system ?

Take a high level signal from the back of the speakers.

Sorry you’ve lost me now could you explain to a novice.

Run wires from the terminals on the back of your speakers to the high level input on your subwoofer.

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Does this not reduce the performance of the speakers?

No, it doesn’t.

Every days a school day and thanks for the info, got the grey matter going again.

Just make sure you get a subwoofer with high level - also called speaker level - inputs. I don’t believe all subs have them. You cannot of course use low level because the 200 has nabbed the low level output. Subs can be hard to integrate effectively and it’s generally best to get speakers with a more extended bass response.

This is an all new level for me but you’ve really got me thinking now, thanks again for sharing your time. :+1:

No problem. It’s always good to be able to help a little.


Tend to agree with @anon4489532 regarding more suitable speakers as the subwoofer I possess is an old one which was adequate for my A.V. system ten years ago.
As I mentioned before in my earlier post it is intermittently connected for some sources that were mastered in the seventies and eighties and were lacking in bass .
Very happy with the Kefs on most recordings in my size of room ( 3m x 6m ).

I have a Star with the bigger Xplorers and it sounds superb