Lack of service from Naim with SN3

Hi all.

As you must know, after installing and seattling my SN2, something happened and it started to have leaks, apparent and probably due to some slight leakage in some condenser…

In any case, the SN2 was returned back and my dealer proposed to change it to an SN3 brand new unity.

The bug arose on September 25, and since then I’ve been waiting for the new SN3 unit.The dealer assured me SN3 units were due to arrive last week, but, in the face of my demand for information, today tells me they have been informed from Naim that there is a delay in manufacturing and they have delayed shipping dates to Spain, and that he will inform me…

The truth of this story is I think of several things:

  • Could this delay have anything to do with certain problems that have been manifested in the forum in relation to the slight mismatch of the balance control, and even temporary loss of treble, of the SN3 first units…?

  • Is it possible that the SN3 has been launched in a hasty manner, without proper adjustment of the quality controls necessary to ensure the proper functioning of all the units for sale…?

  • How is it possible that a product of this level is released worldwide by a brand of this level and, three months later, the units are yet to reach distributors and such a stock breakdown…?

Of course, I do not know the answers to these questions, and we will probably never get to know them; but what I start to appreciate at this point is whether it is worth the wait and uncertainty, and I begin to consider the possibility of considering other alternatives…

Anyway, quite frustrated and quite disgusted by this procedure which is beginning to seem quite unacceptable to me.

Will the day come when manufacturers and distributors patiently accept the delay of our payments and duties at our convenience…?

Greetings to the forum.

15 years ago i waited 2 months and a half to receive a stageline. It may happen.

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Hi,doesn’t sound like your having a great experience ,however,I got my SN3 on day one of release in U.K., and all I can say is that now two months later I’m really pleased with it.I do have the balance set just off centre,but have had no other problems,it’s an excellent amp in my opinion.

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Thanks, FR.

15 years ago…! There were not even smartphones, nor the current complex production and prospective systems, and we laughed when we were told that Windows was an operating system. Things should be somewhat different today, or maybe progress hasn’t been as much as we tend to think…


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Really not at all; thank you for the encouragement.

I hope it will finally be worth it, if I finally don’t end up opting for some other alternative, which, honestly, will also depend heavily on how and how much my dealer works it, which also seems to be too much for the job.

I don’t know, many times, facing major purchases and investments, I feel that too many people don’t want to sell when they have to do it; different things are the products that, like this one, seem to sell themselves.


Hang on in there @newcomer, it will be worth the wait. Although I have experienced problems with my SN3 I am still satisfied with it. I bought a brand new NDX2 at the same time so I may be experiencing an element of either or both burning in.

There can be many genuine reasons for your delay such as a high demand etc. I would advise. Staying in close touch with your dealer (pester him/her) to make sure that they don’t get complacent.

Many of us in the UK are spoilt by a good dealer network and close proximity to the manufacturing plant. Yours obviously has to be exported from the UK so a little more tricky.

I would have thought that if anything Naim would be keen to shift product to the European mainland just in case that myth called Brexit ever happens!!


Newcomer, sorry to hear of your wait for your Supernait 3. From what I gather from Naim, the only issue they are experiencing with the Supernait 3 right now is that they can’t build them fast enough - remember they are mostly hand built - and that means the extraordinary demand for the new Supernait is resulting in a bit more of a wait than some would like.

Anyway, having made some enquiries, according to Naim your distributor does have an order in that was delayed mainly down to a wait for more parts and also not enough production hours, but the good news is that it seems they have some SN3s heading out to them this week, so I would suggest you get on to your dealer to ensure that one of them becomes yours.


Thanks @Bjm.

I will wait; as little as it improves SN2, it will be worth it.


Thank you, @Richard.Dane.

I especially value your attention, explanation and information; I think you do a great job in this forum.

My dealer tells me that everything points to they will be getting the units next week. Let’s see if it’s my turn… :wink:



SN3’s were delayed to the US. It has been said it had something to do with the knobs for the Volume and Balance Controls. My SN3 is on the way to me a month after it was promised. I’ve learned to be patient. I had to wait 3 months for a Chord device that was supposed to arrive in two weeks. Like with SN3’s the problem was they just couldn’t build them fast enough.

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I wonder if the balance knob failed on my SN3 because one channel is dead silent. Not even a smallest hiss. Waiting reply from Naim for next step. Hope it can be fixed sooner than later.


Almost always happens with a new product,not just NAIN but your dealer should loan you an amp till yours arrives.mine always does.

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I think it’s just the knobs. Shouldn’t have anything to do with function.

Not sure how relevant this is,but from day one I had to have balance knob at “11” ,performance/sound was great. Now it is set straight up at “12”,and has been for over a month ,no difference in sound,not sure why ?

Similar situation for me as well except was at 1pm now at 12.

Oh well ,don’t really need to know why,we’ll just enjoy the music :hugs:

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