Lag time with Qobuz in Naim app

I have been noticing long lag times while navigating Qobuz in the Naim app. It varies from slow to at times,frozen. I do have about 100 favorite albums. I tried logging out and back into Qobuz. I have an ND555. Strong internet service about 100 mps Ethernet. Tidal and QNAP files not at all affected. Any thoughts?

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That’s strange with just 100 favorites. There was a known issue with more Qobuz favorites (I have 2000) where the app was unresponsive on every wakeup. However, a number of general performance improvements in the recent app update a few days ago improved this issue a lot (not super quick but no unresponsiveness). I described this issue at the below link but yours may be different. In any case, make sure that you have the latest app update.

I just reported the following to NAIM support via email.

Subject: Naim App on iPad using Firmware 3.6.0 (5106) with iOS App version 5.21

I noticed in the past couple of days that when using the search function in Qobuz that the search feature on the Naim app drops ‘Local Music,’ ‘Qobuz’ and displays ‘Radio stations’ only when selecting ‘search’ on the keyboard.

When opening it displays”Search: Radio stations, Local Music, Qobuz”.

Then typing a search like ‘Floating Points’ it returns with no results returned immediately and ‘Radio stations’ only displays.

At times after a delay results will then appear. Just noticed this happening recently but have seen some comments on the forum of others experiencing the same results when using the search feature.

(end of email)

I suggest everyone who is experiencing any issues with search in Qobuz drop support an email.

Curious I have not noticed this at all… just did the example Floating Points search and got a page of responses almost immediately…
I wonder if it’s some sort of timeout thing if your network or Qobuz library management is busy.

Qobuz had some response-speed issues last night (April 7 PM) which may be what has been experienced. More detail here.
All seems fine at the moment.


I have noticed a delay with quobuz screen loading, but it varies depending what device I use. Amazon tablet is very slow, android mobile phone is a little slow but acceptable