Lake District - 2 Day Itinerary needed

Heading to Lake District in a few weeks. Going up on the Friday for work but then the weekend itself is ours🙂

Staying in Ulverston, just below Coniston and Windemere.

I suspect there are many here who know the Lake District very well, however I have never been to that part of the world in my life!

We’d like to get a good taste of it, and are up for walking, however my wife isn’t fit. Well she is fit😉, but not up for walking tens of miles…Perhaps a couple of hours at a time max. Between pub lunches and dinners.

I would like some good photo ops naturally.

Would anyone care to share a two day itinerary based on their own experience?

Coniston is a must, the water and the village are lovely, as are all of the waters. It might be wise to buy a couple of walking guides… some of the walks look easy, but watch out for the climbing, Dodd Wood for example climbs to over 1600ft from a starting elevation of 400ft… Fabulous views, but not for a reluctant walker.

If you fancy a drive head along the coast road from Ulveston via Bardsea and Baycliff down to Roe Island, Roy’s Ices at Bardsea is worth a stop. For food The Fisherman’s Arms in Baycliff is recommended, I stayed there for 4 years during the week when I worked in Barrow.

Any of the smaller lakes or waters are worth a visit, the road via Crummock and Buttermere is beautiful.

In Ulveston Gillams Tea Room is excellent…

We used to eat lunch or evenings at the Masons arms, Strawberry bank, Cartmel fell just above lake Windmere. Not been since Covid, always great food and atmosphere.

If you make it to Coniston then the Herdwick Cafe near the fire-station is worth a visit for a bite to eat. From Coniston, there’s an easy walk along to base of yewdale fells round to yew tree farm, as featured in the beatrix potter film, at glen mary bridge where you get a choice of either Holme Fell or Tarn Hows if you fancy a short climb.

If you are a foody, then a visit to Cartmel and its cheese shop is worth the diversion.

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@Gazza - went to the Masons at Strawberry Bank a few weeks back. Still as good as ever, good food and a nice old pub.
@Jamiewednesday - as for walks, a walk around Rydal water is always good, low level, 3-4 miles and stunning scenery. Not too far from Ulverston via the A590/A591 or cross country for a more enjoyable drive.


There’s a narrow gauge steam railway that runs from Ravenglass. It’s called La’al Ratty. Scenic views and some shortish walks are available there. I think we walked to a waterfall, though it was few years ago.

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For a nice little walk I recommend Tarn Hows (google maps will find it for you) about 30 minutes around a small lake. On the right day there are amazing views as you approach. National trust parking

Grasmere has a lovely cafe (edited to correct to Lucia’s) which has a hole in the wall outlet and a more formal cafe. Great coffee (big compliment from me!) and unusual pastries. Not open every day but great if you catch it. Also a great little bookshop

Other than that we like Keswick. A Norwegian jumper shop is a fave, along with fish and chips at the Old Keswickian cafe at the top of the market “square”. Coming back down from f&c shop Friars is excellent chocolate shop to the right and shortly after an excellent little cafe (Merienda I think) with superb coffee

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Second for grasmere. Great gingerbread and and good food and beer. There is a two hour walk starting with the coffin walk through a woodland then you crossover the road and round the lake finishing off by walking back into grasmere where there is a coffee hut on the lake. Very enjoyable



Rydal Water is my favourite spot in the lakes for a leisurely stroll. (But not a 3 or 4 mile walk) :grinning:

Park up at Pelter Bridge, you’re 400 yards from the water. In theory you could walk on to Grasmere village. But my wife insists on being driven.

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Easedale Tarn from grasmere via sour milk gill is a nice circular walk,

Takes you into the fells with a slight accent and then back to the lancrigg hotel for cakes and ginger beer in their garden.

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I did Easedale Tarn with wife and 3 kids about 2 weeks ago.

Lovely area.

I’ve done almost all the walks mentioned here.

Silver How is an easy walk - perfect for non walkers.

Also Wansfell.

Walks up from Coniston to the old quarries and up Coniston Old Man are easy and it’s near impossible to get lose on the constructed path, even in bad visibility.

But you won’t get up the Old Man unless you make an effort. It’s less walking if you start at the high car park.

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My wife and I spent two nights in the Daffodil Hotel and Spa in Grasmere last August which was very nice. Opposite Wordsworth´s former home (which is worth the guided tour of). As Tim wrote the village has nice places to eat and drink and of course it’s in the Lake District with all it’s visual splendor.

We stopped at rothay gardens. A very nice hotel and the food and service was top draw. Recommended. To be honest all the hotels there are very nice.


Oops, yes you are correct, not 3-4 miles if one just walks on the west side of the lake. I was thinking of doing the circular route, along the west side of Rydal, crossing the A591 and going along the coffin route on the east side. Probably then about 3 miles but not measured it!
A good alternative is also to go up Loughrigg and do a loop back to Ambleside and back to Pelter Bridge - so many good walks (and a great many relatively easy) - we could discuss all day!! The Lakes is a great place and we are SO lucky living in Kendal, its all on our doorstep!!

Yes, that Loughrigg/ Rydal walk is lovely and very easy.

I often sit by Rydal water or go for a swim with the kids while Mrs. JimDog jogs off to get the :oncoming_automobile:.

She’s a fell runner so enjoys a burst of running after a hill walk.

When we park at Kirkstone Pass and walk up Red Screes then down the ridges or valleys into Ambleside she even trots back up The Struggle to get the car!


Couple of suggestions regarding Rydal and Tarn Howes walks.

Rydal - start in smallish car park near church in Grasmere, not the bigger main one on the outer edge of Grasmere. Turn left as you go out the park and follow road towards Grasmere lake. When you see a red post box built into a house wall on left take path to right and go up through trees to “panoramic path” towards Rydal water. Amazing views up “U” shaped valley. Look into cave at just before dropping down to Rydal where there is a lovely tea room in Rydal House. Back to Grasmere along coffin trail. Maybe 7/8 miles but flat and scenic. If you want to add a bit pop up to Alcock tarn for good views. Path is to the right 200 metres or so after the pond on coffin trail. Well signed.

Tarn Howes - consider extending walk by going up to Black Crags trig point. An extra 3 /4 miles but well worth it for the views. Also at Tarn Howes investigate the small waterfalls easily viewed from the path beside the exit point of the tarn. Follow path for say 500 metres. I take quite a few photos in this location when water is good.


If you are not feeling fit enough to walk or just don’t have the time, check the car over and take a drive over Hardknott. Drive the back roads to get there and stop whenever you get a chance (the roads have few passing places) and just soak up the views.

Thank you everyone, loads to read through there!!!

It’ll take you the whole weekend just to read through the options.


That’s OK, going up next month…