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I use a separate network with an own managed switch for my Hifi stuff. My switch is a Netgear GS108T. It is connected directly with the router. All LAN cables are CAT 5e or higher. Following components are connected with the switch: UnitiServe, Naim NDX 2, Oppo 203, Amazon FireStick 4K, Apple TV, Technisat cable receiver.

The UnitiServe is connected with 1 GBit. The NDX 2 is only connected with 100 MBit? Is this a limitation of the NDX 2? The cables of the UnitiServe and the NDX 2 are the same.

The connection speeds of the other components are not the same. The Firestick, the receiver and Apple TV are on 100 MBit. The Oppo is on 1 GBit.

I have tried to change the used ports of the components. No effect on the speed. Do you have any ideas, why the connection speed are different and not always 1 GBit?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Naim streamers do not run Gigabit Ethernet. 100MB is more than enough, even for Hi-Res audio, so what you are seeing is correct.

Short answer for the NDX 2, long question. Thank you very much!
Does anyone have experience with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K? Or is this question off-topic in this forum?:wink:

As Chris says the Naim streamers use Fast Ethernet as opposed to Gigabit Ethernet. There is probably a tiny SQ advantage in using Fast Ethernet as well as less conductors are used for the duplex connection… ie 4 are used as opposed to 8.

No experience with the Amazon fire stick I am afraid. I use Smart TV, X Box and AppleTV for my 4K web streaming. The best rendition comes from the X Box… However if you are using 4K at 12 bits per colour, you need to ensure you are using a higher bandwidth HDMI lead than the default inferior 8 bits per colour.

I don’t know all the boxes; but I know many “streaming devices” stick with 100MBit/s for these reasons:

  • It’s well enough for streaming (even of 4K video); at least when the streams comes from the internet.
  • It’s using less power than 1GBit/s. (Which also means less warmth for the device to get away with.)
  • It’s cheaper for the producer. (Not much; but especially on cheap boxes and high numbers, this makes a difference.

Yep most streaming devices seem to use 100MB not 1GB. My TNew Sony 4k TV and Fire TV, Playstation all the same.

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