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I note that the mesh thread ended this time last year; hence this contribution. I have just taken advantage of an offer from my internet supplier (Gigaclear) to upgrade my wifi (Apple) to a mesh system (Linksys).

Adding the Linksys has disabled the extra ports on my router, so rather than connecting the Linksys node direct to my router it is connected through my Cisco switch. However, now none of my Unitiqutes, Audiostore music / Roon server and MacMini are visible on my network (and I can’t find their IP addresses either). But I have managed to get my Apple TV connected via wifi rather than Ethernet.

Are the two systems incompatible?

Make sure the new Linksys WiFi kit isn’t acting as a second router behind the one that connects to the Internet.
It’ll need to be configured as a bridge to the existing Router.

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I wondered about this … I rang them to set the router up this morning; they said changing it to bridge mode would take 2 hrs.
This evening, Wifi is intermittent: but still no LAN. One node is by router then feeding the switch, the other is upstairs. Coverage is worse than the Airport Extremes.

Yes when using wifi products ensure they working as a bridge, and are not in some other strange mode of operation such as NAT or routing mode. Anything other than bridge mode is asking for trouble and will be incompatible for many things apart from very basic trivial home network usage.
BTW switching from bridge mode say from NAT mode should take about a second (flipping a GUI setting) and a restart… not sure where two hours come from, something sounds suspect. Also ensure there are not two conflicting dhcp servers running… ie dhcp running in your wifi product for some reason.

If they are working correctly in bridge mode you will see the devices on your subnet whether connected via wifi or the LAN switch. If not they are either faulty or not suitable for home network usage and so I would send them back.

BTW this has NOTHING to do with mesh wifi, but sounds like poorly designed product.

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Thanks - good advice.
This morning my Mac can see my NAS and Audiostore, but the Naim app on the iPhone /iPad can’t find my equipment.
I’ve got Gigaclear on the case so I will mention your suggestions.

You should certainly be able to access a management UI using a browser for the new Linksys WiFi kit.
It certainly sounds likely that it’s just not configured correctly and it’s doing things in parallel that the router it’s wired in to is already setup to do and that’s creating a conflict. If both your Internet router and the new WiFi kit are acting as a router and both are running a DHCP server to allocate IP addresses to devices on your LAN that will cause the sort of problems you describe, either if they’re on the same address range or different ones on each DHCP server.
What is the Linksys kit model? The sticker on that new kit should show you what the default Management UI login details are for it, once it’s all setup, make sure you change the login from the Linksys default values as well to your own unique values.
Might be worth checking with Gigaclear that they don’t have any specific services mappings or VLAN’s setup as well for things like TV or gaming as examples.

After a pleasant conversation with a senior adviser at Gigaclear all is working. Thanks for all suggestions, especially as the first adviser said the problem was with the Cisco.

Hands up - Beginner’s error - following the instructions rather than common sense.

  1. Turn off existing wifi
  2. Turn off Naim streamers, and Audiostore server
  3. Turn off Cisco switch.
    Now follow instructions. When satisfied that all is should be turn on in reverse order. I was surprised that I still needed one of my Apple Airports to reach the corner of the house (not worked out if I can name this the same as the Linksys network).

Also awaiting thoughts on moving original Linksys and plugging it in somewhere more convenient, and whether I can plug the Cisco directly into the Gigaclear modem/router rather than into the Linksys.

You can plug your switches wherever you want on your LAN, that is the whole point of switches. The idea is position them where convenient.


Ah I did not make myself clear.
The modem/ router is on an outside wall, under the stairs. The switch is adjacent, where all my LAN and speaker cabling gathers.
At the moment, the Linksys WiFi tower is plugged into the router and feeds into the switch. I would like to move the Linksys elsewhere. But will plugging the switch directly into the router upset the WiFi setup?
The short answer is try it and see, but I would like to avoid too much resetting of the WiFi system.

on reliable conformant products there should be no issue. You can plug your switch(s) wherever - including into one of your router LAN switchports. Your wifi should have no bearing on this what so ever. If it does i am sorry I would not use such a product - the bottom line it shouldn’t

You can usually add an Airport to a non-Apple network. Set it to ‘create a new network’ (NOT, as you may think, to extend an existing network!). Assign it the exact same network name and password as the Linksys network.
You might find that handover is not as slick as it should be between matching Mesh devices, but it should still work.

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That’s what I had hoped for but the advice from Gigaclear is contrary; now I will have to tuck the Linksys tower away under the stairs. But I will take @ChrisSU advice now to set up an AirPort Extreme in my study. All up and running now - thanks all.

“Because the Genexis (fibre optic modem / router) is just operating as a modem now, the connection from LAN 1 must be to the Linksys in order for the Linksys to act as the router and receive WAN IP from the cabinet. Therefore you wouldn’t be able to put your switch in between these. The switch needs to run off the equipment running DHCP which is the Linksys.”

Thanks again for your help chaps.

Correct - your switch needs to connect to one of your router switch ports and not the router WAN port

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In conclusion, I think the Linksys WiFi towers result in a far speedier connection for the rooms in my Naim app, and with Roon.

A happy ending!
Glad it all came good in the end.

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