Lan Isolation Filter/ Transformer- Advice Please

I have recently purchased an ND5 XS2 which I use exclusively to stream Quboz and I am extremely pleased with the product.

I have added a Powerline and already notice an improvement in sound quality. A friend has suggested that a further enhancement would be the addition of a LAN Isolation Filter and he recommends an SOTM iSO- CAT6 Isolation Filter/Transformer that retail about £350. This is connected by Ethernet Cable to the streamer and the router.

Does anyone have one or has auditioned one and if so can offer advice about the impact on sound quality. I am a bit sceptical about how this type of device can affect the sound quality.

I’ve tried a few, but not the SOTM.
Best advise is to not bother, they did nothing for my system
They did not do anything positive that I could hear & for sure nothing like the ‘amazing’ improvements that are claimed.
I have a switch installed between NDX & NAS & tied the Acoustic Rivive on each of the ethernet branches at NDX, NAS & the wireless hub. The results were negative on both NDX & NAS, but hub to switch branch did seem to do something positive, hard to say it was anything much, maybe it cleaned up some noise, but was it worth £200, absolutely not.
Keep in mind each of the RJ45 ports on the Naim, NAS & wireless hub each are in themselves galvanic isolators, the same if you have a switch, so with a NAS-Switch-Naim path you have 4 such isolators, then you want to add another ??

It’s difficult to respond because the results will vary with different switches, Ethernet cables used. It can give nicer tones and open soundstage, but also robb some prat.
Personally I would advise you a good switch, like Cisco 2960, or English Electric or Etheregen.

Thanks for your prompt replies. Without being able to audition one I will give it a miss. To be honest until I read the Ethernet thread I was unaware that quality data cables can make a difference. I am currently using a freebie CAT 5e cable so I have ordered a Cat 6a cable from Blue Jeans Cables. That will suffice for the time being.


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