Landline - End of Line Poll

I am about to disconnect my landline as I can’t remember last time I used it. I do realise that it is still a need for some people in rural areas and the elderly. I do wonder though how long before it is completely phased out.

Simple poll: how many still using landline here?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m pretty sure zen changed ours to digital recently - which means it’s supposed to be connected to the router which it definitely isn’t, so ours doesn’t even function!

Coincidentally I’ve asked zen what happens if we remove it because I’m paying extra for something that can’t be used.

Mrs Willy uses it for incoming calls for her business. Most transactions seem to happen through Facebook rather than phone calls.
It’s a digital line now that we’ve gone with fttp.


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I’m about to negotiate another two year contract with BT.
I always used to do the upfront advanced line rental payment but that’s stopped now.
The landline is now on a monthly contract and it’s about £10 every month whether I use it or not so contemplating dumping it as I only ever get those guff scam callers and silent calls.
With the active line now being discontinued by all and the phone would have to be on my router I don’t see any advantage of keeping it as power cut situations wouldn’t be any better.
Mmmmm :thinking:

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Two years ago I was offered the option to keep the line and only pay for calls. Now they want to charge £3 a month for the line and pay for calls. No brainner.


Thank you for that reply it makes my thinking a bit simpler.
My current landline is £10 month with 700 minutes or go PAYG.
Think it will be going. :wink: :+1:t2:

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Haven’t had a land line or cable for 15 years.

I had one, and it was necessary to enable broadband, until fibre became available where I am a few weeks ago, so as of connection a fortnight ago I have no landline. Part of me was reluctant because where I live the mobile signal can be flaky at times, while at a tine of national emergency the mobile phone network is likely to crash quicker than landline. But it is an expensive thing to maintain (~£12-£15 per month here, with no free calls) and I suspect that once fibre reaches everywhere locally it won’t be long before the service is withdrawn anyway.

Looking back, I think the only calls I’ve received on landline in past 5 years, maybe more, have been either attempted scams or bank confirmation calks, while I don’t think I’vd made any myself.

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Where I live the landline has not been available anymore in a few years time. The operator just cut the service with no option to negotiate (there was only a couple of months notice time). Of course one could have kept the old number and use it for mobile service (and actually we did in our holiday home).

I did this with BT a few months ago.
The system (fibre/copper etc) is still required for BB so you will not reduce the new contract by the same amount as you now pay for the ‘landline’ element, yes it will be less, mine was reduced by around half the ‘landline’ cost if I remember right.

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Thank you for that do you still have the landline. :thinking:

Define ‘landline’ ??? err ???
No I don’t have a BT phone line and number, but do have a 75/20mb/s BB connection.

Truth be told I should have done it a long time ago as we’ve both only used cell phones for making calls for a number of years, we just kept the landline for incoming (in-laws and niegbours)

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About 8 years ago, I has a landline in theory, but it was never used. My broadband and mobile phone was enough.

More recently, moving to Full Fibre (from FTTC), I dropped the landline - and saved money… FF was cheaper.

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Ours hasn’t been connected for 18 months and I only just noticed the other day. We were supposed to have connected it to the router apparently.

Not going to bother.



Thank you too that’s in my thinking it might curb my monthly expenditure for an ornament. :+1:t2:

I wanted to stop our landline when we went fibre but my insisted we keep it ,Even though only two known people ring it. The rest of the calls are cold calls which get filtered.

Most landlines are now digital and reliant on power to work which is an issue for some people who rely on their landlines to contact emergency services.

I have only used my landline to contact BT who provide the line, the only calls we get on the phone are either from BT trying to flog me a service I don’t want or from my my eldest who for reasons unknown insists on calling us using the landline not our mobiles.

We haven’t had a landline for over a decade now. Have never needed it since, have never missed it, have never looked back. Good riddance to that unnecessary expense.

Our 4G signal can be a bit wobbly, but the mobile uses wifi calling automatically, when the 4G signal is insufficiently strong. GiffGaff did not support wifi calling but Lebara, which I now use, does. We turned the landline off nearly a year ago.

I use a Virgin landline. Doesn’t cost me anything.