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I’m not too bad with geography. But no sense of direction. I’m amazed when people give directions like “head North then when you get to the crossroads turn East.” Makes me feel like a moron because I’m the only one asking, “which way is North?

But my mum was American and made me memorise all the states location when I was about six and that stuck with me. But I was born and raised in Oxfordshire so fat lot of use it was. Conversely I can only place Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, and South Yorkshire on a map of the UK because I lived there. The other counties might as well be blank space marked “dragons be here”.

I feel gifted in that regard as I seem to have a built in compass and map memory retention, plus constant awareness of sun/star position/time.
Not sure how, maybe navigation training and experience in my early years.

Indeed me too. Mrs SinS calls me a pigeon !
I think I mostly rely on the sun and general spatial awareness and a map memory like you.

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I don’t even know what way my front door faces.

But give me a rat warren of tunnels connecting Otemachi to 7 other stations and 50 buildings, and I’m you man.

I attribute this to hours playing Doom and Wolfenstein.

[addendum] I’ve just realised I basically said, “I think I might be as smart as a rat but not as smart as a pigeon.”

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That’s rather funny I’m fantastic around here but take me to the northern hemisphere and I couldn’t find the coffee shop next our motel. I’d walk out and turn the wrong way.

Good thing we have a saying that you can’t get lost on holidays you just end up somewhere new.