Laptop power brick buzz


I am trying a Battery powered USB DAC.

It is fed from my laptop ( music and power via USB cable )

i get this buzzing sound from the speakers when i charge the laptop ( plug it into AC power ) when the music is playing

the buzz goes away when i switch off the laptop charger.

i tried moving the power brick of the laptop away but the buzz is lesser but audible

I used to have the same issue when i tried to use a Google chromecast audio much earlier. I would plug in the chromecast audio charger and i would get a loud buzz.

have any of you experienced this and what have you done to trouble shoot ?


it feels lonely here

looks like i am the only one facing this problem… :grinning:


Sure, because your question has nothing to do with Naim.
Try to tranlate form german to english.
In that case was a driver problem of the USB DAC for Windows 8. I guess you have the same problem.


The problem was a faulty USB cable from the laptop to the TDA1543 DAC3

The DAC works fine

I am aware the laptop isnt made by Naim but i was hoping on some pointers if other Naim forum members use a laptop to DAC and if they charge the laptop by AC mains - do they experience a buzz too ??

I guess not - since i havent seen any thing on the new forum with regards to this.

In relation to this - i have posted a question on Ground filter as well…

best regards

It sounds like your power brick doesn’t have enough smoothing on it’s output, hence the hum when it’s in use and that it radiates a lot of EMI/RFI whichi is causing the buzz that reduces the further you move it from the analogue bits.

If it’s a brand name laptop and still under guarentee Id take it back to the dealer for replacement. Failing that I’d get a generic power brick of the correct rating which may be better, it sounds as though it can’t be worse.

There is a caveat: some motherboard designs seem particularly suceptable to hum - it’s possible that it is the problem - you may be able to put a capacitor across the DC input to make it better, but there’s probably not space in the casswork to hold it.

You really need dealer advice, laptops shouldn’t be as bad as you describe.

this is surely a free forum and anyone can ask anything they want

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