Laptop to streamer


Hello everybody,
Could someone explain how to connect a laptop pc to a NDX .
With my previous streamer I used a Usb B digital input (optical and coax inputs are already used)


You have a few options. A wired connection would have to be SPDIF, and if you don’t have a spare output, you could use a USB to SPDIF converter.
Alternatively, run a UPnP server on the computer such as Asset, and the streamer will find the music over your network.


Thank you for your answer.
Actually not so much options, as a USB to SPDIF converter is not cheap…


The Gustard U12 costs about £150 I think, and is very good. I used one for isolation of RF from a Hugo DAC, which it did very well, and Richard Dane tested one a couple of years ago and commented recently. (Link)


Yes but on top of that I think you need a Coax to BNC adaptor to get into the NDX…


£20-£50? E.g you can buy a made up Mogami 75ohm BNC cable for about £30, so one with a good RCA on one end should be similar.


A coax or Toslink cable with the correct connectors should be fairly cheap and easy to source. What do you want to connect the laptop for? Both laptop and streamer are likely to need a network connection in any case, so maybe that’s all you need?


For music I would use J river and stream through upnp


And if it is a Mac (which I assume it is not) I would use Audirvana, and output through dedicated USB bus for optimum sound and avoiding streaming across the network, so making the OP’s question relevant…