Large Japanese antique porcelain plate display

I have some of these and I’m not keen on wall mounting such heavy objects. Just wondered what others do with them. I like the idea if some tasteful wooden display stands



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Displaying them on a chest of drawers is obviously not an option. :blush:

Sorry they are 70 cm in diameter so quite large and heavy

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Yes I did see somethings on there when googling around. I thought I would check here to see if there were some ideas on robust and stable methods to display them. I managed to find an antique dealer in Wiesbaden to discuss a bit. No hurry they have been stuck under the bed for two years but would be nice to find a place for them

Just to give an idea…… and quite stable when presented as such

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Wow! They are huge and very impressive. Personally I would get some professional advice rather than trying to find something on line.
Now I see why you were looking for thoughts

Yes and a bit big for the chest of drawers :wink:

Are you thinking floor-stands ( try Ashbrook Woodcraft for example ) or wall mounts?

They are indeed impressive.

Yes. Don’t like the idea of wall mounts but possibly not ruling that out

A shame really to keep them under the bed out of sight

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They are beautiful.

If they were ours, they would be wall mounted….well out of the reach of toddlers and Burmese cats!

What’s their weight?

PS. Speakers are pretty fine as well!

Not to everyone’s taste. My wife does not like them but will tolerate them probably.

Not to be excluded. Will see what’s best. Toddlers may come along later

Not sure I would have to weigh them but they are quite heavy

Maybe a Fraim?

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